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The Tarnished Truth
*** Vol III *** May 2004 *** Issue VII ***

Howdy Folks - Welcome to The Tarnished Truth !

First of all let me apologize for this issue being late. But due to the vagaries of computer science – it seems it was destined to be so. I’m still working on recovering what data I can from my home computer, but in the meantime I will be able to continue by use of my laptop. ;-}

WINS recently held yet another Special Election for the office of Treasurer. Everybody is pretty much aware of the circumstances that necessitated this election so I won’t go into it now. Suffice it to say that Ken Hughes won the election and is the new WINS Treasurer – Congratulations Ken ! You can read all about the election in this month’s President’s Corner.

I would also like to offer my congratulations and thanks to Lawrence Oei WINS #359 for the integral part in bringing about a new feature to the WINS web site – the WINS Member Collecting Interests page. The new page can be found HERE - and I urge all active members to participate. And if you are not an active member – then please consider becoming one. After all – the primary focus of WINS is all about sharing. ;-}

And everybody please read about and enter a new contest, sponsored by our Treasurer, Ken Hughes – NEW CONTEST.

That's about it for now - I hope you enjoy this as well as future issues of - The Tarnished Truth.

Doug Prather, editor

THE PRESIDENT'S CORNER - Words of inspiration from the WINS President. Special Announcement in this issue ! Read it HERE.

FROM BEHIND THE GREEN CURTAIN - Interesting IT tidbits helpful to all members and more. Read it HERE.

HAPPENINGS - Want to know what's going on in the numismatic world ? This is one of the places to find out. Read it HERE.

? ? ? Trivia Question ? ? ?

What is the earliest known Proof set issued by the United States Mint
and what coins did it contain ?

Answer at the bottom of this page.

EXCEPTIONAL EMAIL - An email taken from the WINS Talk List worth reading. Read it HERE.

TREASURER'S REPORT - The WINS paypal account is - changing.
Please contact Ken directly.

Previous Balance - $721.20

Previous Paypal Balance - $442.46
Current PayPal Balance - $442.46

Previous Balance - Hardin County Bank - $276.30

New Balance - Pioneer Bank and Trust Company - $276.30

Cash on hand - $2.44

Total New Balance - $721.20

With regard to donations, all donors will be named in future Treasurer's Reports unless you ask me for anonymity.

Ken Hughes, WINS#112

? ? ? Trivia Answer ? ? ?

The answer is: er ? ? ?
Half Cent (Breen 1576)
Large Cent (Breen 1863)
Half Dime (Breen 3002)
Quarter Dollar
Half Dollar
Quarter Eagle
Half Eagle

The set also included an 1836 Mint Medal (Julian MT-21).


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