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WINS # Name Region / Country Numismatics Interests
2 Tim Puro
Vermont, USA I am a full time coin dealer since 1999. Right now, I pretty much collect coins with nice eye appeal, are somewhat rare and other oddities that roll into my shop. I also like Vermont National currency.
7 JD White
Arizona, USA I collect by type and work on sets for Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, Hibernia & Ireland, the USA and many others. I also reseach and write about:
Maria Theresa Thalers (MTTs) & MTT restrikes,
Chopmarked & Countermarked coins, and
Toned coins.
13 Mark "Sparky" Watson
California, USA Main interest is World War II numismatic items including Military Payment Certificates, Allied Military Currency, and war bonds. Also collect Indian Head cents, Bust half dimes, Commemoratives, and Ancients.
20 Ray Larson
Iowa, USA I collect all kinds of coins from around the world but my main passion is probably U.S. Quarter Dollars and U.S. Nickels. Coins are just a part of numismatics, I think the people you know and like in this hobby are as important to ones enjoyment as the coins themselves.
23 Ian Milne
Scotland, UK I collect all coins from ancients through present time, but main focus of my collection is currently on French coinage early 1500's - early 1900's, and silver jetons of the same period.
35 Michael Nottelmann
Illinios, USA (a.k.a. - Mike Noodle) I currently work in a local coin shop part-time. I collect 20th century coins. Mostly key and semi-key dates and I am working on a 20th century type set in MS-65 and above. I also collect US Mint and Proof Sets, I collect Statehood Quarters with my kids, and like to assemble Jefferson Nickel Sets from circulation. Long term, I'd like to assemble the first set of FS Jeffersons, but that is little more than a pipe dream at this point.
47 Charles Calkins
Missouri, USA I'm interested in everything, though I'm trying to focus on specific areas such as ancients, U.S. Civil War tokens, a U.S. type set, etc.
59 Rod Sell
Australia My main collecting interests now are: 1. The Coins of Ephesus 600bc to 125bc. 2. Bi-metallics coins and medals. 3. The World by type from about 1800, but earlier items are still collected.
77 Ernest Swauger
Virginia, USA I collect just about anything--well world coins mostly--currently working on a date/type set of each coin of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Collect US type coins, especially seated liberty type coins and Jefferson nickels by variety.
82 Robert Anderson
Georgia, USA I'm forty-two years old. I have been collecting for ten years mostly US coins. With a preference for bust halves and proof sets.
100 Bill Bremmer
Florida, USA I collect military tokens, and tokens or medals related to the cold war, spinner tokens, coin club tokens/medals, brothel casino chips, art bars--especially dated bars from the 70's and Lincoln cent BIEs. And sometimes a token or medal just because I like it..
109 Fred Blake
Minnesota, USA I collect any and all US and some Canadian coins. My primary interest is completing date and mint sets. The Buffalo nickels is my favorite coin and I am also fond of all the Bust series.
112 Ken Hughes
South Carolina,
Primary interest is circulating and commemorative 20th Century US by date and mint. Have almost complete sets of all but the Barber dime and half dollar. I also have complete sets of Mint issued UNC and Proof sets from 1955 to present. Also, sets of uncirculated Mint issues for the year 2000 from 70 countries. Presently working on my first "foreign" set; a representative sixpence from each of the rulers of England.
158 Ralph J. Huntzinger
Ohio, USA I collect, buy and sell a little bit of everything, including U.S. and foreign coins, currency and tokens. My favorites include error and variety coins, error currency, beautifully toned coins (especially rainbow tones and pastels), older cameo proof coins, and plate coins (actual coins depicted in numismatic reference books). I've been active in numismatics for over forty years and I'm a member of the following hobby organizations: WINS #158, ANA#150114, CONECA #2045, Fly-In #1223, CNS/COINS #0087, NCADD #55, LCS #21, NANA #14, SSDC.
164 Richard Robinson
My main interest is Modern Decimal Coinage of Ceylon/Sri Lanka 1870 to present day. However I am extending this interest to include coinage of the earlier colonial period as well as ancients. Coins from South East Asian countries also interest me, plus I have an eclectic collection of World coins as well as Australian Commemorative Medallions & Tokens.
204 Dave Noble
Missouri, USA I collect early U.S.small cents, Indian Head and Flying Eagle varieties mainly. I am fascinated with all the punching and manufacturing errors attributed to this series. I enjoy scanning and listing on my web page as many varieties as I can obtain. I also enjoy working on a World Coin set, all grades and countries are welcome in my set. My other numismatic interest include, Franklin Halves, Morgan Dollars, and coins of Australia.
294 Doug Prather
Utah, USA I started collecting US coins in 1960 at the age of 7, went through the usual stages that most collectors do of losing interest for a period at certain ages and then returning to the hobby. But as long as I was interested I was always trying to learn as much as I could. Eventually, in my 40's, I lost interest in US coins and began to collect world coins. World gold was my favorite, especially the early hammered gold. I focused on the coinage of France, the Low Countries and Spanish colonial, with a few interesting pieces of various countries thrown in. But then as I got a little older I discovered that it was the study of coins that I really loved. So I no longer collect coins at all, I just study them. And in the process of doing so I manage to collect books on coinage. I now have a rather extensive numismatic library and add to it on a regular basis.
326 Robert Wilharm
Texas, USA I have named my collection "Road Kill Coins", and I collect Errors and Variety coins of the USA and the World. While working on a small scale and smaller budget I have owned and inspected many hundreds of Errors and Varieties. Find it, Buy it, own it, sell it for another that I have never owned is the way of my collection. Active in the hobby for over 30 years there is still much to learn and more to own for a while.
334 Dean Parr
Iowa USA My parents were told that I should have a hobby so the got me a Lincoln Cents No. 2 Whitman folder for Christmas in 1958. When the sliver disappeared in the mid 60s I missed the thrill of hunting through rolls. In the mid seventies I bought a copy of Krause World Coins and a pound of world coins so I now collect all world coins by date and mint. I also really got hooked on the history of world money. I've never had the bug for high grade coins and would rather have ten five dollar coins than one fifty dollar coin. I serve as secretary of my local club and also participate at the state level. I love catching a non-collector's interest with an unusual or historical coin.
335 Michael Doran
Illinois, USA I have been collecting (and selling) coins and currency for over 15 years; currently, I collect US coins and currency, though my expertise is actually in bimetallic coins and polymer/tyvek currency.
341 Frank Tucker
North Carolina,
My main interest are Proof sets and I am four sets away from having a set from every year back to 1961. But, I do like graded coins as well. I just finshed getting all my P & D Jefferson Nickels. I will now work on finshing my mercury dime set.
344 Daniel Orth
I've been collecting for six years. My main interests are Lincoln Cents & my Type set. I love mid grade coins. If they are affordable in higher grades collect them, but I really like EF coins! I like all US coins and my goal is to complete one set before I go on to the next. So I usually am stuck on one for a while.
360 Walt Southward
Hawaii, USA I'm in the process of divesting a 50-year collection of American coins. Active in the Big Island Coin Club in Hilo, Hawaii, and have been an ANA member (LM 1052) for nearly 40 years.
366 Richard Barnes
Texas, USA I started Hoarding Shillings and Half Crowns when I was about 12. I used to store them in the bottoms of my bedroom curtains. I always was a strange kid. I only started actively collecting in 1996 when I received a Churchill Crown from a friend. I did not even know it was a coin. It showed me that coin collecting was interesting. Since then I still hoard but have progressed to actively trying to complete sets of US Cents, Nickels, Proof sets and UK Maundy coins and Sixpences. The Churchill is still my favorite Coin.
397 Scott Guiley
Kentucky, USA For about 10 years I have been a collector of silver dollars and older gold--and just about anything that strikes my fancy. My knowledge is still limited in the area of numismatic but I am slowly learning.
398 Spencer Guiley
Kentucky, USA My main interests—all US coins :--)
My favorites — Franklin Half Dollars, Mint Sets, Proof Sets. But I don’t limit myself to just those… :--)
The bottom line — I collect what I like—and that’s about everything!
403 George Depner
Colorado, USA Welcome to Pikes Peak Country and home of the ANA HQ. Been collecting odds and ends from the US for 30+ years now (thanks, Grampa!), but mostly raw, low grade things. These are still of interest and one can find a scarce date or whatever every now and then. Wish I had the resources to get some good stuff to leave for the kids....
443 Robert Fitzpatrick
Kentucky, USA I am trying to put together a collection of cents thru half dollar from early 1900s to date in circulated (but as close as possible to uncirculated) condition. Plus any dollar I can find. Also a Canadian set of all small cents, all nickels, and non-silver dimes thru twoonies.
450 Steve Frankel
Arizona, USA My main interest is in U.S. coins and I am currently working on completing a 20th century set by date and mintmark. I'm doing it one denomination at a time. It's a big goal but I am really enjoying it. I am also trying to get all the 1969(my birth year) mint and proof sets from around the world. And last, but not least, I have developed a liking for polymer notes.
461 Cregan Newhouse
Washington, USA I started studying numismatics a few months ago. It's like when I first started playing bridge - I can't get enough of it. I'm focusing on quarters and half dollars, and would like to expand to gold coins if and when I remodel my den so I have a place to keep them organized. Thanks to everyone for your hospitality.
462 Oded Paz
California, USA I collect World coins (at least one coin from every country & every ruler that ever existed), Coins from Unrecognized States, Elongated Coins, Pop-Up / Push-Out coins, coins, medals & tokens with Abraham Lincoln on them.
476 Derrick Ah Sing
Hawaii, USA I belong to the Big Island Coin Club on the Island of Hawaii. I enjoy the company of the members of the club and have been President, Board member and now Show Chairman for our annual Coin Show. I like the Lincoln cent series and have gotten into error coins of the series. Lately my collecting has become eclectic. Walt Southward informed me about the WINS club.
482 Susan Thornton
New Jersey, USA I have been collecting coins since my grandfather got me interested when I was 6. Since then my interests have been constantly changing. A couple of years ago, I sold my whole collection and starting selling coins for a living. Now my collection is inventory, but I absolutely love what I do. In the next couple of years, I'm planning on putting a Bust Half collection together (not for sale!).
483 Rick Engstrom
USA My collection interests have evolved a great deal over the past few years, with much thanks to a few members of WINS who have helped me out too many times to count. Currently, I collect a wide variety of coins focused around the early milled coinage from the late 18th to early 19th century. My website is kept fairly up to date with new additions to my collection.
513 Rick Beitler
Missouri, USA My interests include US coins from 1830 to 1964, especially the Shield Nickel, the 2 Cent copper piece, and the Peace Dollar, world coins from Austria, Germany and Switzerland pre 1950, and bank notes from basically anywhere. I have also started pursuit of Civil War era Hard Time Tokens.
525 John Mundwiller
Missouri, USA I was born in 1947 and started collecting Lincolns in the 1950's. I collect a lot of different things. My US Coin collection consists mainly of Morgan Silver Dollars. I also have a nearing complete Buffalo and Mercury collection. My World collection is a coin from each country. I have a long way to go on it, but the journey it the best part. I also accumulate U.S. Silver Eagles. I am a Silver Bull. There isn't much I wouldn't collect, but the above is the main emphasis.
529 Richard Goodstein
Florida, USA I collect AUSTRALIAN DECIMAL Coinage My interest lie in the Australian 50 cent coins the dollar coins the PNCs All Kookaburras and Kangaroos including some bullion.
535 Fred Stevens
Arizona, USA Collecting Interests: I've been a coin collector/accumulator for most of my 59 years. Over the past couple decades, I've evolved toward Morgans almost exclusively and I consider Morgan's Lady Liberty as the most beautiful woman in history, especially if her initial are "CC". However, I'm also interested in wooden nickels, oddball tokens and script (subway, bar, Chucky Cheese, Army slot machine, Civil War, MPC, anything), but not world coins although I have a fair number of them, particularly old Indochina and Cochine coins and some assorted script.
560 Marc Hoggle
Tennessee, USA Primarily, I collect Standing Liberty Quarters. I'm trying to put together several SLQ sets such as complete low grade sets, complete high grade sets, and graded short sets. I am slowly putting together collections of Barber, Seated, and Bust Quarters. Also, I continue to add to my smaller collections of Mercury Dimes, Liberty Nickels, and Large Cents. At some point, I plan to put together a general US type set.
590 Doug Smith
Louisiana, USA Data not provided.
616 Fred J. Lombardo
New York, USA My coins interest are World (to which the USA is definitely apart of), and ancients Roman coins. I've been collecting since the age of 7, and only recently started cataloging my collection, which currently runs to 120 countries. The ancients are a relatively new development, but I find them to be the most challenging. My goals are to get a coin from every country, and all the adoptive emperors and their wives. P.S. The picture of me is during my 40th surprise birthday party, and I wasn't terribly conscious at the Some photos are available HERE.
620 Ed Hoover
Pennsylvania, USA I am a 100% disabled military veteran that collects anything that interest me. I have quite a large military coin collection covering all periods of conflict and I also collect all US coins, as well as, Hutt River Coinage, Silver American Eagles, Commemoratives, Silver Bullion, a few pieces of Gold issues, and any World Coins that I find of interest. While I suppose you can call me a general collector, my main area of collecting right now is completing a set of Hutt River coins. I got hooked on them a few years ago and I find it challenging trying to find the ones I need. I know some don't consider these a real coin but try and find any of the World War I set.
627 James Motley
Michigan, USA I started collecting back in 1968 both US and Canadian, and I've also somehow managed over the years to accumulate several thousand world coins. I still enjoy looking through rolls, however the eyes don’t care much for it so its pretty much come to a halt.
641 Richard Rosenhaft
Oregon, USA While I started collecting when I was a teen and whenever I traveled abroad, I became "serious" about world coins from everywhere and anywhere within the last 6 months. Coins from the Middle East, Africa, Colonial Coins, German cities and states, Indian Princely States and Tibet have special appeal to me as do denominations of twos, threes and fours.
719 Richard Faubion
SE Arizona, USA Just another boomer getting back to his numismatic roots. Primary collecting interest is LE Bust Halves in the VF+ to XF+ range. Currently have 121 different die marriages and die stages. Really like those terminal die states, the crustier the better.
758 Tracy Thompson
Texas, USA I've been collecting coins on and off for about 30 years now. I focus heavily on World coins including Australia, Great Britain pre-decimals, and South America. Minor interests include Japan and Russia. I collect world silver crown-sized coins and coins with chopmarks or counterstamps on them. I am attempting a coin from every country collection. My special passion is my Kitty collection; a collection of coins, notes and tokens with images of felines on them.


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