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WINS is free Internet-based club comprised of individual memberships. Businesses that wish to join WINS may do so, but only through individual memberships, no business memberships please. Before joining, prospective members are requested to review the WINS Bylaws. By completing the following application for membership, you agree to abide by the WINS Club Bylaws, Netiquette rules and the general rules of common decency required to maintain the Club's "Family Oriented" status in any and all dealings with Club members and the general public. The "Family Oriented" standards shall be adhered to so that the club can offer membership to collectors of all ages. These high standards mirror our commitment to excellence as we strive to exemplify them as representatives of this, the "King of Hobbies."

Junior members (under 18 years of age) must have their parent's permission prior to joining and will be asked to reply to an email verifying this. Junior members under 13 years of age shall have their parent's WRITTEN permission submitted to WINS prior to having their membership application accepted. Parents, please contact the Operations Admin concerning permission for your young collector to join WINS.

If you are serious about becoming a member, please complete the form below. Once completed and submitted to the Membership Coordinator, your data will be verified and processed for membership. Adult and Senior members, once your form is processed, you will be sent an email containing your WINS Member Number. The Membership Coordinator must receive written permission for Junior members before their form can be validated and a member number assigned and sent to them.

Please do not apply for membership more than once. We estimate that you will have a reply to your application within minutes of sending it. We also estimate that you should receive your member number within 12 to 24 hours. This process can be completed much quicker if you ensure that the information you provide on the form is correct. An invalid or non functioning email address can result in your application being delayed or possibly not being processed at all.

Information submitted on the form below is NOT available to the general public or the Club membership. All data collected is treated as CONFIDENTIAL and shall only be used by Club Officers with the consent of the Club President. No data collected will ever be sold to anyone for any reason. Please complete the form as completely as possible. To keep abreast of WINS activities, we recommend that you check the web site Newsletter and Announcements pages periodically or join one of the Opt-in Email Lists. No announcements are sent to the general membership at this time.


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   then send the data required in the RED fields in an email to the
Secretary (address located on the About Us page).

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