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To enroll in either email list, you must first read the rules that apply to both of the lists.  All members are expected to follow the list rules at all times.  Please keep in mind failure to comply with list rules will attract the attention of the Operations Admin and/or a WINS Board Officer.

Modified March, 2010

The following are the posting rules for the WINS Lists that must be followed if you wish to participate on the WINS "family oriented" Lists.

All messages posted to the WINS Email Lists
are PRIVATE and shall be treated accordingly.
See the "Legal Notices" for more information.

1. TWO LIST MAIL OPTIONS.  WINS has two, PRIVATE, members only, hobby-related, Opt-in email Lists.  WINS Members may join and participate in either one or both Lists.

  • The "wins-talk" List is a discussion List where members may post hobby-related topics, ask questions and provide answers.  Offers to buy, sell or trade hobby-related items are not allowed on the wins-talk List.
  • The "wins-trade" List is for members and member/dealers to buy, sell or trade hobby-related items.  Discussions are not allowed on the wins-trade List.  Replies to wins-trade List offers are redirected to the orginal poster by the DOMO system.

2. USE OF LIST MAIL & OTHER EMAIL.  Members may not share or send WINS List mail in part or in total to anyone not on the WINS Lists without the expressed, written permission of the original sender.  Common decency and privacy laws dictate that this is also true of ALL email that you receive and as such shall also be observed on the WINS List.  DO NOT include any email or any portion of any email received off-List in your List posts without the expressed written permission of the original owner.  If you include an excerpt from or an entire off-list email in your WINS List post, be prepared to provide proof of consent to the List Administrator and/or the WINS Board of Directors.

3. USE APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE.  Foul language, personal attacks (flaming) and attacks on any person, club or organization are forbidden.  Comments that are malicious, accusatory, provocative, threatening, disruptive, abusive, or that portray negative insinuations or innuendos are forbidden.

You will be held personally and financially liable for any problems that arise from any post you make.
Please, think before you post!

4. THINK BEFORE YOU POST.  Never send an email that contains anything that you wouldn't say to that person's face.  Do not send text in all UPPER CASE; use mixed case, proper punctuation and complete sentences, as though you were typing a letter or sending mail.  Spell check is also recommended.

5. SUBJECTS WE DONíT DISCUSS ON THE LISTS.  Do not discuss or politics or religion on the WINS List(s).  Why? Because WINS is comprised of members with different ethnic backgrounds from many parts of the world and these topics bring too many emotions to the surface and all too often turn into arguments.

6. SEND PLAIN TEXT ONLY.  Send ONLY PLAIN TEXT formatted messages with no attachments to the List(s) or they will never be posted and you will NOT be notified why in most cases.  The DOMO System (WINS email List host) filters out posts created in HTML, RICH, and other enhanced mail types, along with most messages that contain attachments.  Why? Because plain text posts are easier for everyone to read and there are no worries about viruses, Trojans, VBS scripts, etc.

7. STAY ON TOPIC. Keep your posts on the general topic of numismatics and related items.  Occasional off-topic posts of general and human interest (especially as they relate to familiar interactions and close-knit friendships of our family-style club) are permitted.  However, if the thread drifts too far or if an off-topic discussion lasts too long, the List Administrator may intervene with a reminder to return to hobby-related topics.  All off-topic posts should be so described in the email's "Subject" field: OT-- "Your subject" --OT .  Members prefering not to read off-topic posts are encouraged to exercise their keyboard's "Delete" key or set browser-appropriate filters.

In short, try and stay on topic, and keep your posts to the proper List for that topic.  Sales, wants, auction posts, etc. go to WINS-Trade List, however no discussions on that List please.  Discussions, questions, comments and trivia about numismatics go to WINS-Talk.

8. WHO MAY ACCESS THE DOMO SYSTEM.  For security and privacy purposes, ONLY the List Owner and the List Administrator shall have DOMO system access to List information.  This makes it less likely that the List addresses can be harvested and used by SPAMMERS.

9. WHO MAY POST. Only WINS members who are subscribed to the List(s) may post to that List(s).

10. POSTING RULES ENFORCEMENT.  Posting Rules Enforcement is primarily the responsibility of the List Administrator.  However, should the List Administrator not be available, List-Rules enforcement falls to any Board Officer.  When a notice is issued regarding a particular message-post or a thread, that notice is effective immediately and may not be violated.


1. Correction will always be attempted via private email FIRST and will most likely be followed up with a "End Thread" post to the List(s) as necessary.

2. Breaking of List Posting Rules is grounds for removal from the List(s).Why? Failure to observe an "End Thread" notice, sent privately or on-List, from the List Administrator or a Board officer is grounds for removal from the List(s).

a. A member may temporarily be removed from the List(s) for a post violation pending Board review and disposition.

b. A "three-strikes-and-you're-out" concept may be used for Posting Rules violation discipline.  The first two strikes to be issued by the List Administrator with copies to the Board Officers, and notification to the List(s) so the membership is aware that an action has been taken.  The third strike to be issued by the Board after consideration and resolution.

c. The first strike carries with it a mandatory one week suspension from the List(s).  The second strike carries with it a mandatory 2 week suspension from the List(s).  A third strike will usually result in permanent removal from the List(s) and will likely result in WINS membership review proceedings.

d. A sanctioned member who feels they can show "due cause" may submit an appeal to the Board for the first two strikes only.

3. The harvesting of any List information including, but not limited to: member email addresses, complete posts, and/or the passing of this information to any non-WINS member without the expressed written permission of the originating WINS member, is grounds for removal from the List(s) and WINS membership review proceedings.

4. Any member who has a mailbox limit and who does not sufficiently check it and empty it, causing more than 1 week of bounced messages to be redirected to the List Administrator, may be removed from the List(s).  Once the mailbox problem is rectified, the removed member may re-enroll on the List(s).  However, continued bounced messages due to an unchecked mailbox may place re-enrollment approval in jeopardy.

Failure to read the Posting Rules does not relieve
any member of their agreement to abide by them.

To sign up for either one of both email lists, make the appropriate selection below. By selecting the "I AGREE" button, you acknowledge that you have read the rules listed above and agree to abide by them at all times.

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