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Member Sites - Informational:

AUSTRIAN COINS, MEDALS AND TOKENS - An information site about Austrian Coins, Tokens and Medals by Dale Hallmark, WINS#471, USA.
BLIND COIN COLLECTOR - It's another kind of fun to collect coins if you can't see them. Tom Babinszki, WINS#919, USA.
COIN IMAGES - Private collection images of Charles Calkins, WINS#47, USA.
COINCAT - The online coin catalog. Provided by Pat Clay, WINS#621, a New Zealander currently exiled in Minnesota, USA.
COIN SHOW RADIO - Very different perspectives into the world of numismatics. Mike Nottleman, WINS#35, USA.
TONED COIN IMAGES - Various toned coin images and possible causes. JD White, WINS#7, USA.
WAR BOND GALLERY - Images of WWII bond notes from the private collection of Mark Watson, WINS#13, USA.

Member Sites - Dealers:
CIVITAS Galleries, Ltd. - Premier dealers in collector coins of the world. Extensive selection of Ancient, Medieval, World and U.S. Coins and Paper Money, Josh Moran, WINS#62, USA.
GBIECoins - Dealer, Specializing in British Empire coinage. Terry / GBIE, WINS#10, Mineola, New York, USA
PURO'S COINS AND JEWELRY - Buy, sell and trade all coins, US paper money, jewelry, diamonds and anything made of gold, silver or platinum, Tim Puro, WINS#2, Rutland, Vermont, USA.

National Organizations:

AMERICAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION (ANA) - The world's largest coin club. Hundreds of benefits for the collector, whether advanced or beginner.
ROYAL CANADIAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION - The sister organization to the American Numismatic Association, for our collector brothers and sisters north of our border.

Professional and Lobby Organizations:

PROFESSIONAL NUMISMATISTS GUILD (PNG) - A professional organization of professional numismatic dealers. Only those who are highly respected can gain membership.

State and Regional Organizations:

These organizations generally support collectors and dealers within their geographic regions. Most will sponsor shows and educational programs.

ANCHORAGE COIN CLUB - A very active coin club in Alaska. Although names Anchorage, the club does have members from other parts of Alaska, and other parts of the country.
BLUE RIDGE NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION (BRNA) - A very strong and active organization, geographically located in the Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia areas. Annual show is held in Dalton, Georgia.
CALIFORNIA STATE NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION - A state-wide organization dedicated to the promotion of serious Numismatic studies.
CANADIAN ASSOCIATION WOODEN MONEY COLLECTORS (CAWMC) - A national organization for Collectors of Canadian Wooden Money, Tokens, and Souvenir enthusiasts.
CANADIAN PAPER MONEY SOCIETY (CPMS) - An educational society dedicated to encouraging and supporting historical studies of banks and other paper money issuing authorities in Canada.
PACIFIC NORTHWEST NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION (PNNA) - Like the name implies, this organization is very strong in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and northern California.
Michigan State Numismatic Society (MSNS) - This socisty serves the study of the forms and uses of money. Their membership consists of scholars and collectors of coins, tokens, medals, currency, and fiduciary instruments.

Specialty Clubs:

These clubs feature coins and currency of their specialty. Most produce high-quality journals and newsletters for their members, and all are highly educational.

COMBINED ORGANIZATIONS OF NUMISMATIC ERROR COLLECTORS OF AMERICA (CONECA) - The only national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety collectors.
EARLY AMERICAN COPPERS (EAC) - A specialty organization for collectors of early U.S. copper coins.
JOHN REICH COLLECTORS SOCIETY (JRCS) - an organization that encourages the study of numismatics, particularly United States gold and silver coins minted before the introduction of the Seated Liberty design.
NUMISMATIC BIBLIOMANIA SOCIETY (NBS) - An educational organization that supports and promotes the use and collecting of numismatic literature.
SOCIETY OF PAPER MONEY COLLECTORS, INC. - An organization for collectors interested in paper money or related areas such as checks, stocks, engravings, and other fiscal ephemera.
THE FLY-IN CLUB - The official site of the Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cent Collectors Society.
TOKENS AND MEDAL SOCIETY (TAMS) - An educational organization devoted to furthering the exonumia field consisting of all forms of tokens, medals, badges and other related items.
VAMLINK.COM - A website dedicated to the collecting of Morgan and Peace dollar varieties.
WORLDWIDE BI-METALLIC COLLECTORS CLUB - The WBCC is an organization dedicated to the collecting of bi-metallic coins and tokens. The club's website has an extensive image library, and a weekly email newsmail keeps the membership up to date with the latest happenings in the world of bi-metallics.

World Mints:

AUSTRIAN MINT - Information and coin products of Austria.
BRITISH ROYAL MINT - Information and coin products of the United Kingdom.
FRENCH MINT - Information and coin products of France.
PERTH MINT - Information and coin products from one of the two offical Australian Mints.
ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT - Information and coin products from one of the two offical Australian Mints.
ROYAL CANADIAN MINT - Information and coin products of Canada.
UNITED STATES MINT - Information and coin products of the United States of America.
BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND PRINTING (BEP) - Information about US paper currency.

Price Guides:

COINCLUB'S ONLINE PRICE GUIDE - A trio of fair market listings for properly graded US coins from numismedia, the PCGS price guide and Coin Connisseur.
WHAT'S MY COIN WORTH? - Heritage Rare Coins presents resources to help you determine the value of your US coin.
NUMISMEDIA ONLINE PRICE GUIDE - Concise listings of Fair Market Value prices for properly graded United States rare coins. The pricing information is reported from all over the country, from dealers in the numismatic community offering unbiased market information.

Numismatic Information:
NATIONAL NUMISMATIC COLLECTION (NNC) - of the Smithsonian Institution, one of the largest numismatic collections in the world.
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - Enough reading material to keep you busy for weeks.
COINFACTS.COM - Online Encyclopedia and Reference of U. S. Coins.
CANADIAN COIN SHOWS - A website dedicated to informing collectors about Canadian coin shows.
COIN SHOWS - A website dedicated to informing collectors about coin shows worldwide.
NUMISMATICS INTERNATIONAL - An organization that supports and promotes the hobby through the online presentation of World coin numismatic literature in the form of newsletters, articles and images.

Grading and Authentication Services:


Numismatic Newspapers and Magazines:

COINTODAY - Online daily coin collecting and numismatic news.
COIN WORLD - Weekly publication in newspaper format and online.
NUMISMATIC NEWS - Online hobby related news.

Other Numismatic Information:

NUMISMATICS AND COIN COLLECTING - General Collecting Information.


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