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The Tarnished Truth
- Electronically Published Since 2001 -
*** Vol VIII *** Spring 2016 *** Issue I ***


Words of inspiration from our President.
Dave Noble, WINS#204

Quarterly club financial activity.

Under Development.


"Notes From Cuba"
Brandon Frei, WINS#868

"Starting a Collection of Ancient Coins"
Charles Calkins, WINS#47

"Hungarian Silver Coinage After World War II"
Tom Babinszki, WINS#919

From The Editor

Iím happy to present the first issue of the Tarnished Truth of this year.

Brandon may no longer be the Newsletter Editor, but he's picked up another even busier task: fatherhood. His baby girl was born in early March. Congratulations, Brandon!

A few words about the new editor:

My name is Tom Babinszki, WINS #919. I have joined WINS recently. As you read in the Presidentís Corner, ďlot of our members may not have a chance to get out much due to physical problems or long distancesĒ. Iím one of them, as I am blind, and driving to distant coin clubs is not an option for me. This is why I was so happy to find WINS, a club where I can fully participate without limitations. Since the day I joined, I received a warm welcome, participated in interesting conversations, had many of my questions answered, but most importantly, through swapping coins I made friendships and met interesting people. I was honored when I was offered the opportunity to apply to the WINS board, which shows the true spirit of our club, being able to participate regardless of location, or different abilities. I am happy to be part of this community, and hope to give back at least as much as I have received.

As a newsletter editor, I would like to promote the idea that coin collecting is for everyone. For my daughter, who just started to read, the seasoned numismatist, the occasional collector of pocket change, or those who otherwise would not consider collecting as a viable hobby due to a disability. It is not only about what we achieve through the hobby, but more importantly the enjoyment we share along the way.

My other, probably ambitious goal is to try to publish this newsletter quarterly. Since I have been elected into the WINS board, Iíve been working behind the scenes to get a few pledges for regular articles, so that we will have enough content each quarter. I am making progress, but I will certainly need your help. I would like to ask you to consider writing a few articles into future newsletters. If you read through the archives, you will find that our members have made fascinating contributions, so nothing changes in that regard, we only need to maintain our dedication to our hobby, and share with others. Previously, we have published a wide variety of articles, just like in this current newsletter. As long as you feel it is interesting to our members, feel free to send it to me, let that be a numismatic research, an educational piece for those who are just beginning the hobby, and interesting find or the description of a collection.

Last but not least, as our board election took place late last year, I would like to list the new board members:

* Dave Noble, WINS#204, President
* Brandon Frei, WINS#868, Vice President
* Dave Roe, WINS#429, Secretary
* Ken Hughes, WINS#112, Treasurer
* JD White, WINS#7, Operations Admin
* John Mundwiller, WINS#525, Librarian
* Tom Babinszki, WINS#919, Newsletter Editor

Happy collecting!
Tom Babinszki
WINS#919, Editor


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