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1. Listings on the WINS "Links" page in the "Member Sites" or "Member/Dealers" categories are restricted to Active Members as defined by the Bylaws. Listings in all other categories are open and limited primarily by topic content.

2. All web sites or site pages submitted for listing shall be reviewed by the Web Site Review Committee. Any WINS member may submit a link for listing consideration to the Operations Administrator who will in turn pass the submission to the review committee.

3. Only web sites or portions of web sites that are numismatic-related shall be considered for listing on the WINS "Links" page. Linked sites must contain information pertaining to coins, currency, tokens, medals, exonumia or similar topics beneficial to the numismatic hobbyist.

4. Placement of a link on the "Links" page does not constitute a contract or a special relationship between WINS and the owner of the linked site or page, nor does it guarantee the link will remain listed. WINS reserves the right to deny or remove any link at any time for just cause solely as determined by WINS, without notification.


1. All web site or site page listing link requests shall be submitted to the Web Site Review Committee for review criteria compliance. The Committee shall review the listing request, decide on acceptance or denial recommendations, determine the appropriate category, and notify the Operations Administrator as well as, copying the Vice President of the review results. The Operations Administrator shall make the appropriate web page listing or in the event of a listing request denial, notify the requester of the committee's decision.

2. Linked web sites may otherwise contain non-numismatic material as long as it remains tasteful and "family friendly". The linked listing shall not contain any material or links that are unfit for a family-style environment. "Unfit" primarily refers to such things as pornography, adult material, obscenity, profanity, or anything that the general public or average person would consider offensive or inappropriate for minors. "Unfit" may also include sites or material by persons who are or have been adversarial to WINS or its members.

3. Links in the categories of "Member" and "Member-Dealers" shall be limited to Active members. A member's status can be verified with the Operations Administrator.

4. Links in the categories of: National Organizations, Professional and Lobby Organizations, State and Regional Organizations, Specialty Clubs, World Mints, Price Guides, Numismatic Information, Auction Sites, Grading and Authentication Services and Numismatic Newspapers and Magazines shall be the responsibility and discretion of the Web Site Review Committee.

5. WINS will generally not be concerned with secondary pages that are not directly linked from the WINS "Links" page. These pages may be subject to review by the Web Site Review Committee particularly if complaints are received or if those pages appear to be glaringly in violation of the listing criteria.

6. Links to non-member dealers, inactive members or member-dealers, and persons who are or have been adversarial to WINS or its members for any reason shall not be listed.

7. Active members who drop the active membership shall have their link removed as soon as practical. Re-listing shall be at the discretion of the Web Site Review Committee.

8. The Web Site Review Committee shall check each link on the "Links" page monthly to ensure all links remain active and that linked-site content continues to meet WINS criteria. The Review Committee shall report its monthly findings and recommendations to the Operations Administrator. Based on the findings and recommendations, the Operations Administrator will remove dead and inappropriate links as necessary. However, if more difficult considerations arise, the Operations Administrator may optionally present the recommendation to the Board of Directors for further review and resolution.

9. The Web Site Review Committee shall be comprised of active WINS members appointed by the WINS President as defined in the "Bylaws".

10. The owner of a web site whose link request has been denied may appeal to the WINS board for reconsideration. The board's decision after review shall be final. The board will notify the appropriate parties of their decision.


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