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The Tarnished Truth
*** Vol II *** WinsNews *** Issue VIII ***

Welcome to the Tarnished Truth. YOUR newsletter. As diverse as your possible collecting choices, the folks around the world who collect, hoard, or just study the product of centuries of minting endeavors have nearly as many reasons for doing so. Be the motive profit, one of curiosity, or as a social outlet this Hobby of Kings or maybe better stated as this King of Hobbies has a place for one and all. Even the predators in our hobby, and we have a few, provide a service of sorts, they give us the competition, they provide the need for a greater knowledge, and this enriches us for their misdeeds.

Ray D Larson

Feature Article
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**** WINS BIO ****

Ken Miller
WINS #48

Hello, My name is Ken Miller. I live in Shoals Indiana and I'm a 38 year old father of three. Don't be speeding though the state of Indiana because both my wife Dana and I are Indiana State Troopers. I started collecting coins as a very young kid. Both my dad and grandfather collected and they got me started. My dad collected Mercury Dimes and Standing Liberty Quarters. My grandfather had a nearly complete set of U.S. type gold. I love looking at these. As for me I started with Lincoln Cents and those blue books. About 14 years ago I moved up to big silver pieces. I love U.S. silver dollars and halves. The set I've been working on these past 14 years is a complete set ( year and mint mark ) of every dollar and half minted in the U.S. I still have a long way to go. Of all the sets involved none are complete as I type. The Kennedy's and the Franklin's are all BU and I need 10 to complete those. The Walkers are VF+ and I need 14 more. The Barbers I need 7 in very good with full rims. The Seated Liberty and Bust I have 12 total coins in very fine. Only need a hundred more of these. My favorite set is the Morgans. I'm nine away from a complete set minus the proof. Forty-two of these are BU+ and the rest VF. Wouldn't you know the nine I need are going to cost a small mint. I know I will be working on completing this set the rest of my life. The coin I WILL have one day is a Bust Dollar in XF condition. This is the most attractive coin ever minted.

For me I love the designs and the history of the coins. I like to think whom may have used these 100 year old coins Give me a coin with a little circulation over an MS69 any day. The photos are of a token which was issued to all Troopers in Indiana, it is made of pewter, and is about the size of a Morgan Dollar. It was designed for the department and the only way to get one is become a Trooper. I thought some of you might find it interesting.

Ken Miller

The Feature Coin

Italian 500 Lire

One Beautiful Coin

Produced from 1958 through 1989 this design has always been one of my favorites as far as looks go. It can be found in both buisiness strike and proof version. It is the size of the U.S. half dollar and is made with .835 silver and has a lettered edge, something that makes this modern day coinage a standout. The coin has the 'R' mint mark which stands for Rome. In the earlier years of the series the mintages were high, so these coins are priced rather reasonably, but in the middle years of the series the mintages drop off dramatically and these coins can be very expensive in both the for circulation strike and the proof versions.

Doing it for WINS Auction

Your contributions to this auction are actively sought. The rules of the auction are as follows. Each coin shall remain up for auction for no longer than six issues. There will never be more than ten lots in the auction at any one time. If after six weeks the coin has not found a new home, it will be removed and brought back later as a group lot with other such coins. A value close to actual trends will be assigned to each coin as best that can be done. Each week the 'BUY' price will be reduced by 5%. The winner will pay the price at the time of buying plus actual shipping cost. All amounts will be sent to our Secretary/Treasurer Robert Peterson. The clubs paypal and/or Roberts address will be provided the winning bidders. For those whom wish to donate coins for this fun little auction please contact me by email You may donate anonymously if you insist.

WINS Reverse Auction
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This issues auction is only a sample, please do not bid these coins

? ? ? Trivia Question ? ? ?

At what point does the bullion value of the silver in U.S. 90% coinage minted between 1873 through 1964 surpass face value ?
Answer at the bottom of this page.

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The U. S. Mint

U.S. mint Programs? 'Serving America since 1792'.

The Royal British Mint

British Royal Forum a place to ask and answer questions

The Royal Canadian Mint

The Canadian Royal Mints Collectors corner.

The American Numismatic Association
Not a Mint but chock full of coin information.

Hobby History

Edward VIII

Edward the VIII the British king who gave up the throne for love does not appear on any regular issue English or colonial coins. The Royal Mint struck a few complete sets of Edward VIII coins for English institutions, and possibly twelve of the 12 sided brass threepence pieces were released to vending machine companies for testing. Most were returned, but a few are in private collections. The Royal Mint classifies them as patterns. Colonial coins bearing the name of Edward VIII, but not his portrait were released by East Africa, West Africa, New Guinea, Fiji ,and the Indian states of Kutch and Jodhpur.

? ? ? Trivia Answer ? ? ?

The answer is: When the price of silver hits $1.2929 it equals that of face value. For the silver in silver war nickels minted between 1942 and 1945 the break even point is $0.90 per ounce.


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