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The Tarnished Truth
*** Vol II *** WINSnews *** Issue XXX ***

Welcome to the Tarnished Truth, your newsletter. Well the overall economy may not look the greatest right now, and with the worlds boiling point for violence and chaous just below releif valve pressure, the numismatic market none the less seems surprisingly strong. A rising metals market is chasing after an already heated up numismatic market in the hope of finding some relief from large stock losses. What is the long term collector to do? My suggestion is be very selective, sell what is hot, buy what is not. These two seem to have a way of changing places ever now and again.

Ray D Larson

Feature Article


By Ray Larson WINS# 21

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From the Seminar

By Bill Fivaz
Presented by Mark Watson

During the ANA Summer Seminar, I took a two-evening short course from Bill Fivaz, one of the greatest numismatists of our time. The course focused on grading Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Walking Liberty Halves, and Morgan dollars - arguably four of the more collected U.S. series. As part of the course handouts, Bill had put together a series of five articles - an overall introduction to grading followed by four articles on each series. He also gave permission for anyone to copy and distribute the articles as the more collectors get educated, the more fun they will have in the hobby. Here is the fifth and last article.

Article Five

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What famous engraver was so proud of his new design that he put his initial on both the obverse and the reverse of his new coin?

Answer at the bottom of this page.

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The Feature Coin

The Error Coin

To say that this part of the numimatic market is hot is a glaring understatement. Fun to collect, but the field is as large as it is complex. I being a complete novice in error collecting stand in awe at some of the prices paid.



The unique 1866 "No Motto" Proof silver quarter dollar and half dollar, stolen from Willis H. du Pont in a 1967 robbery, were recently recovered through the American Numismatic Association. The two pieces have now been authenticated by the ANA Authentication Bureau (ANAAB). See details as well as pictures at the ANA website.

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The answer is: Might I say first he was very justified for it was none other than George T. Morgan on his newly designed Morgan Dollar. The initial 'M' apears both on the truncation of the bust on the obverse and on the wreath ribbon on the reverse starting with the 1878 dollar.

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by Robert Peterson

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