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The Tarnished Truth
*** Vol II *** WINSnews *** Issue XXVIII ***

Welcome to the Tarnished Truth, your newsletter. Ah the holiday seasons is almost on us once again. In my household although all encouragement is given in purchacing shiny baubles made of dimmonds and rudy and such, there is little interest in the round metal coins which are my main interest, so if I would find such an item under our tree it would truly restore my childhood faith in that little fat man dressed in the red frock.

Ray D Larson

Feature Article

My 5 Cents Worth

by Ray Larson

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From the Seminar

By Bill Fivaz
Presented by Mark Watson

During the ANA Summer Seminar, I took a two-evening short course from Bill Fivaz, one of the greatest numismatists of our time. The course focused on grading Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Walking Liberty Halves, and Morgan dollars - arguably four of the more collected U.S. series. As part of the course handouts, Bill had put together a series of five articles - an overall introduction to grading followed by four articles on each series. He also gave permission for anyone to copy and distribute the articles as the more collectors get educated, the more fun they will have in the hobby. Here is the third article.

Grading Mercury Dimes

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? ? ? Trivia Question ? ? ?

When and where was the first mint established in the United States?

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The Feature Coin

Those wonderful little silver nickels of Canada

Minted from 1858 through the ultra rare 1921 this small series of coins holds a most interesting abundence of varieties and by anyones standards are quite rare coins. It has seven different coins with mintages of less than one million coins and this is not counting the ultra rare 1921 which had a mintage of two and a half million. That said in all my years of looking I have never seen a 1921 silver. There are approximately four hundred and sixty pieces known of this date with the rest having been melted. .


Modern Grading Foundations

In 1958 Martin R. Brown and John W. Dunn published 'A Guide to the Grading of United States Coins' the first widely accepted standardized guide to grading. In 1970 James F. Ruddy published 'Photograde' a photographical grading guide (as opposed to the line drawings used in the Brown and Dunn book). In 1977 the ANA's 'Official ANA Grading System' was published.(Edited by Ken Bressett and Abe Kosoff)

? ? ? Trivia Answer ? ? ?

The answer is: The general court of Massachusetts authorized the first mint in 1651, and it began operation in Boston the following year. The Bermuda coinage predates the Boston mint by thirty years but did not have any circulation in the colonies. The NE, the willow, the oak, and the pine tree were product of the Boston mint.

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