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It is the responsibility of each WINS member choosing to participate in the auction to become familiar with these Rules.


1.  Participation in the WINS Auction is open to all WINS Members in good standing. If you would like to join WINS, the Membership Application can be found HERE.

2.  WINS assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any item listed in any auction or for the final outcome of any auction transaction. Even so, WINS recommends that all auction transactions be completed within 30 days of auction's close.  Transactions not completed within 30 days of auction's close should be reported to the Auction Coordinator.

3.  A new Auction will be condcuted four times a year, unless otherwise noted on the Auction page.  The auction time is run from the Auction Coordinator's system (automatically updated to GMT) which also corresponds to the clock presented on the auction page.  So bid accordingly. Email can be subject to various routing delays so it is wise to place your bids earlier rather than later.  Bid updates are made periodically from the auction start until closing, and are prioritized for posting by the auctioneer's system receive time stamp.  Auction details and updates are announced on the WINS Trade and WINS Talk Lists.

3a. By bidding in this auction, you agree to abide by these auction rules; and you further agree that the auctioneer has the final say in any question or dispute. The auctioneer may, as he sees fit, bring any question or dispute to the Board of Directors for discussion before making his final decision.

The auctioneer has the discretion to alter the auction rules for a given auction as long as any alterations are announced on the email lists at least a week in advance of the auctionís start date. Pre-auction alterations may include such things as extending the number of lots that a member may list in an auction; or allowing other types of collectibles to be listed in an auction; or lengthening the auction from the normal 7 days to as many as 14 days.

The auctioneer also has the discretion to alter auction rules during the course of a given auction as long as any alterations are announced on the email lists. Auction-in-progress alterations may include an allowance of additional items/lots added to the auction by a member who sent auction lots after the start of an auction; or, as requested by a member, a reduction in a noted minimum bid as long as the affected lot currently has no bids; or the withdrawal of a problematic auction lot.

The auctioneer may also extend the closing time of an auction-in-progress as long as the extension is announced on the email lists, and the extension is for a period of 24 hours or more.

To ensure the latest bids are presented, select your browser's
"Reload" or "Ctrl refresh" function to update the auction page.

4.  The WINS Auction Coordinator has not personally viewed any of the lots offered and therefore cannot comment on any items.  Submit any questions concerning a lot directly to that seller by selecting the seller's name which is also an email hyperlink.

5.  A lot's high bid is considered a "purchase contract" and is strictly between the seller and the bid winner.  WINS only acts as the contact medium.

6.  These Auctions are about Members sharing coins with other members.  Bidders should keep in mind that they are dealing with fellow club members and place realistic bids.


7.  Email your bids to the Auction Coordinator with the following details: Your full name and member number (sans WINS acronym), followed on the next line by the Lot number and your bid amount.  You need identify yourself only once in each email, but you may include as many Lots as you like in Lot numerical order in that email.

    Below is a sample of the bid format all members are requested to use in their email bids:

  Helen Ivy #901
   LOT 1, $5.00
   LOT 15, $25.00
   LOT 62, $1.50

8.  Bids will be posted on the website in the order they are received provided they are higher than the current bid.  If duplicate bids are received, the earliest time-stamped bid shall take priority and be listed on the web page.  Bidders will not be notified by email of their bid(s) being accepted and posted unless so requested.  Bidders are solely responsible for their bids.  No bid will be removed or modified after the auction closes.  Any such request can incur Board sanction.

9.  Bidding on a lot within the last 2 hours of the auction, without having placed a previous bid on that lot, is treated as sniping and is not permitted.  In order to place a bid on a lot within the last 2 hours of the auction, that lot must show at least one previous bid from you that was recorded more than 2 hours prior to the auction's close. If you bid on a lot within the final 2 hours of the auction, and that lot doesn't already show at least one previous bid from you that was recorded more than 2 hours prior to the auction's close, your bid will not be recorded.

If/when the original closing time of the auction is extended by 24 hours or more, this 2-hour rule also applies to the final 2 hours of the extended closing time.

10.  All values listed shall be in US$.  To complete a transaction, bidders and sellers must calculate their own currency conversions and agree upon their own currency payment arrangements.

11.  Any reserve amount listed shall be considered the minimum bid.

12.  Recommended minimum bid increments:

For A Posted Bid The Minimum
Bid Increment Is ....
$0.00 to $4.99 25 cents
$5.00 to $9.99 50 cents
$10.00 to $99.99 $1.00
over $100.00 $5.00

13.  Lots do not include shipping and insurance costs.  Unless otherwise stated, bidders are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs.

14.  This is a manually-updated auction.  There are no maximum bids or automatically updated bids.  Whatever you bid on a given lot is the amount that will be posted.  It is the bidders' responsibility to check the auction page periodically to ensure that their bids have been recorded properly.

15.  The Auction will close at the time specified on the auction page and that page will be updated with final bids as soon as possible.  When the final bid page is posted each bid-winners' name will be a hyper-link to assist sellers and bid winners in contacting each other.  Although steps are taken to prevent email address harvesting, all hyper-links will be removed within 2 weeks of the end of auction to further prevent harvesting.

16.  At the close of the Auction it is up to the buyer and seller to make contact and complete the transaction.



17.  Items offered in the WINS Auction must be listed exclusively with the WINS auction and cannot be offered for sale, trade or auction in any other venue.  Items offered in the WINS Auction must be free of any lien or other encumbrance when offered for a WINS Auction, and the items must be immediately ready for shipping to the bid winner at the close of each WINS Auction.  Sellers are not allowed to bid on their own listings.

18.  Seller's assume all responsibility for their auction item(s).

19.  Email auction lot data to the Auction Coordinator, and include the following data with each email submission:

        - Your name and membership #
        - Your country of record
        - Items numbered sequentially
        - Lot title
         The coin's country of origin, its correct title and date is recommended in cpaital letters.
        - Item description and shipping data

         Be very detailed in describing your item to avoid any misunderstandings.
        - A reserve amount for each item
         The lowest amount you would accept for your item is highly recommended.
        - Attach images (one image per email only)

         Always provide the best images possible.

20.  Sellers may submit one 600 pixels high by 800 pixels wide max image for each lot listed.  Each image should be sequentially numbered to match the seller's Lot number (Lot 1 through Lot 10 is preferred).  Images may be submitted as email attachments (one image per email please) or as hyperlinks to online storage locations.   If you submit Lots with attached images, please send only one Lot, its accompanying data and image per email.  If you submit multiple lots with links, all submissions may be sent in a single email, but each image must be sequentailly numbered to match the accompanying Lot data.  The Auctioneer Coordinator will build the appropriate-sized thumbnail images with a link to your larger image.

21.  It is the Sellers' responsiblity to verify the data input on all of their Lots prior to the start of the auction.  Sellers are also responsible to notify the auction coordinator by email of any changes or input acceptability prior to the start of the auction.  No data changes will be made to any Lot after the auction has started.

22.  Sellers may not cancel any Lot once the auction has started and must follow through and complete the transaction. Once the auction has started, a Lot may only be canceled at the discretion of the Auction Coordinator or the WINS Board.

23.  There is a limit of 15 items per auction with a max of 20 at Christmas, unless otherwise noted.  Each seller's Lots will be grouped together and listed in sequential order.

24.  Lot information received after 7:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time (MST), 72 hours before the Auction starts (the Wednesday before), will be listed in the next auction unless other arrangements have been made in advance.


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