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From Behind The Green Curtain
- April 2004 -

IT Update - Most of you know that more goes on behind the scenes to make something work than meets the eye. Keeping the IT portion of WINS working is no exception. We have had a silent supporter since our earliest formation days, and a non-collector at that. The dYneX internet group server owner, Linda Diedrich, as well as having set up the WINS database, has provided WINS domain hosting since day one at no cost. A word from Linda to the folks that own the DOMO server also got us our two email lists at a very reasonable monthly cost. Of course, having worked for her for almost 7 years, I might have had a bit of influence with her, but it didn't take much arm twisting. I can tell you, she's something special.

It is with a great deal of sadness that I must report that Linda had at least two strokes the week of March 21-27. She is doing well, resting at home and trying to recuperate, but that is all I know at this time. I'm pretty certain that she will not be returning to work and it is possible that the business will be turned over to one of her sons. What I don't know is how this will affect WINS, but the board will cross that bridge in due time.

New virus software updates have been coming out almost everyday for the last month so there is still need to be concerned, those that enjoy making the Internet difficult are still at it. I can't stress enough how important it is to protect yourself and the rest of us by having up-to-date virus software and current updates. It may seem like a small thing because all most of them do is cause your system to send email to everyone in your address book. But, if you were to multiply that by everyone in that address book getting the virus and in turn passing it to everyone in their address books, then it might start to become clear. All of that unnecessary extra email can really muck up the Internet for all of us. Bandwidth becomes clogged, mailboxes overflow, ISPs can become overloaded and everything slows down. Please, keep your virus software as up to date as possible.

Web Site Update - The "Links" page now has a set of guidelines to define how to get a site listed. If you're interested, these new rules can be read here: Links Page Rules. The really good news is, three members (Charles, Howard and Ken) have decided to join Ray on the newest committee, and they will review all requests for listing on the "Links" page, as well as, assisting me in keeping the WINS web site as up-to-date as possible.

Auction Update - Auction 20 with 53 Lots from 10 member sellers including two first timers, has been successfully completed. Auction 21 will open on May 1, and although it's still 5 weeks away, you can begin sending me your items at any time. All I ask is that you only send one item and set of images per email. I'm on slow copper wire ISP access that makes the tortoise in that famous race look like a road runner. Remember, you make the auctions what they are.

Thank you kindly,
JD White, WINS#7


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