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The Numismatourist
Tom Babinszki, WINS#919

A new adventure started in my life when I found out how many museums are out there which exhibit coins, and money and related objects in general. But let's start at the very beginning. A few years ago, I have read about a book which lists the money museums of the world. I remember it was just before the holidays in 2014, but I couldn't wait another day. I had to have it. So, I did order it online.

The book's title is the Numismatourist, by Dr. Howard Berlin. I got the book just to realize that there are so many places I'll never get to go to. But regardless, this reference book was the finest literature for me.

The following year, when I was at the ANA convention in Chicago, I got lost between two hotels trying to find my way, so I asked a gentleman for help who was walking by. He was kind to give me a hand, and when he introduced ourselves, he said his name was Howard Berlin. I couldn't believe it, but being around the ANA convention, I thought there was a chance that he was that Howard Berlin. Yes, he was, himself. We had a nice short conversation, and I got his business card, but truthfully, I didn't know what to write to him. I didn't think there was much of anything in my life he would be interested in.

About a year later, I got a work assignment to travel to our offices globally to do educational sessions. This was the time I thought would never come.

The Numismatourist, book cover.

So, I have dusted off the Numismatourist book, and each time I had to go somewhere, I looked up if there are any money museums nearby which I could visit in my free time. This is how I ended up making plans to meet with our previous newsletter editor, Brandon. Ok, let's be fair, I did know that the Smithsonian does have a numismatic collection. Thus this is my new found hobby, visiting money museums.

The Numismatourist, autograph.

Each time I went somewhere I have documented it on my blog, so after a few trips I did write to the Numismatourist, to tell him how his book influenced me. It happened so that he had plans this year to visit Cleveland where we live, so we had a chance to meet again, visit the Money Museum in Cleveland, and have my book autographed.

But let's get back to the book, what is it exactly.

It is a reference book with places to visit around the world from almost 100 cities and over 25 countries, which have money or other numismatic items exhibited. Dr. Berlin gives a description of each place, worthwhile things to see, and of course, the contact information, opening hours, together with pictures.

Given the amount of information he provides about each place, the book is an interesting read for collectors and numismatists, just to know all the places which are out there around the world. For those who are traveling, it is the perfect starting point to start planning the next numismatic adventure. Personally, I was surprised to find out about places I never knew existed. I certainly would have missed a few of them during my travels without the book.


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