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The Tarnished Truth
- Electronically Published Since 2001 -
*** Vol VII *** Fall/Winter 2015 *** Issue IV ***


Words of inspiration from our President.
Dave Noble, WINS204

Quarterly club financial activity.

Under Development.


"OPA Tokens"
Brandon Frei, WINS#868

"1909 Philippine Peso"
Al Lakin

"Coin Collecting in

Brandon Frei, WINS#868


In this issue, your challenge is
the continuation of the
Cross Word Puzzle
of Denominations

in PDF format. The first member 
  to complete, scan/photograph,     and return the word search to      
me (by email) will be recognized
in the next issue. The winner of  
this puzzle will also receive a      
proof Mint Set graciously donated  by an anonymous WINS member.

 A special congratulations to Greg
Hill for being the fastest to          
  complete Issue II's word search.          

From The Editor

I am happy to present Volume VII, Issue IV of The Tarnished Truth. This is the last of my issues as I pass the baton over to Tom Babinszki. I can tell you all that he is very excited to become the next Newsletter Editor. I hope you will all write him an article or two as a welcoming gift to his new position.

As we ring in the New Year, I realize that I haven't spent a lot of time on my coin collection. Command has kept me pretty busy and as the Headquarters Commander, the job can be as demanding as one is willing to put into the position. It has been a rewarding year in this position and it has taught me a lot about managing systems and utilizing indirect influence. I think it will prepare me well to be a Major. I hand my Troop over to the next commander on January 7th and then I take a position up on Brigade Staff as the Chief of Reconnaissance.

I already got a taste of my new job as we did a pre-National Training Center Staff Training Exercise in early December. My new job will entail assisting in coordinating the Brigade Staff during their planning. I help synchronize the Intelligence, Fire Support, and Movement and Maneuver. Specifically, my job is to help plan and execute the Reconnaissance portion of the fight. The position is relatively new to the Army so no one (including me) knows exactly what it is I am supposed to do. The good thing is I've had a few months to prepare and I more or less submitted my job description/responsibilities to my future boss and he seemed fine with it.

On November 20th, I conducted a phone interview with the Olmsted Foundation. It was a little intimidating talking to a group of retired officers who likely averaged more years of service than I've been alive. They were very sharp and asked a lot of questions that showed me they take great interest in ensuring only the most qualified candidates are selected. I was happy to hear that one or two of them also collect coins, though I did have to disappoint and let them know I do not own a 1909 S VDB Lincoln Cent just yet. The interview went as well as I could have hoped and now I just have to wait until March to find out if I am selected. In case you missed the last issue, if I am so fortunate, I will be granted the opportunity to get a Master's Degree in the country and language of my choosing.

In other news, my wife and I are expecting our first child in February. We spent some of my vacation time sanding, priming and painting my wife's old furniture in preparation for our little one. We've finished the Amazon wish list and I'm pretty sure our baby got more Christmas gifts than we did!

I recently made a purchase of a PCGS XF45 1897 Barber Half Dollar that turned out to be an RPD. I am very happy to add a variety coin to my US Type Set. I have my sights on a Liberty Nickel and Barber Quarter for my next purchases.

Happy reading and happy collecting.
Brandon Frei
WINS#868, Editor


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