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1909-S Philppine Peso
By Al Lakin, Chief Petty Officer (R)

USS Yorktown,  CVA-10

During the WESPAC Cruise of the USS Yorktown, (CVA-10) in 1956, the ship had a port call in Manila, Republic of the Philippines, during the month of August, anchoring out in Manila Bay. During that port call, there was a civilian bus crash up in the mountains outside of Manila; several people were killed and many others were wounded.

The Philippine Red Cross sent out a request for blood donors for specific types of blood. Having one of the types of blood needed, I was placed on the list of donors who volunteered to give blood.

They put us in a landing barge like those used in WWII and took us ashore, where we were transported to the Manila Hospital to donate our blood. After giving the blood, the Philippine Red Cross took us to a restaurant for an all you can eat spaghetti dinner with all the trims and dressings and San Miguel.

After the dinner was complete, the Red Cross representative came around and personally handed each and every donor a ONE PESO coin, which had just recently been retrieved from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

PCGS Example of a 1909-S Philippine Peso

The history of these coins is that just before the Japanese invaded the Philippine Island, the Philippine government collected all the Philippine coins they could find and put it aboard a barge or ship with only one person. That person took all the coinage out to sea and dumped it so the Japanese could not get their hands on the silver coins. The Japanese captured this person and tortured him to death, yet he never told them where he had dumped all that coinage.

1909 Philippine Peso

So this 1909 Philippine Peso, minted in the United States of America, has a deep part of history during World War II.

The rusted 1909 Philippine ONE PESO coin was personally handed to Alvin L. Lakin, Jr., during the month of August, 1956 in metro Manila, Republic of the Philippines.

Of note, the August 18, 1956 Mexia Daily News paper from Mexia, TX published an article stating that there was a bus accident south of Manila that resulted in 14 persons killed and 37 seriously injured. The bus was filled mainly with students and the crash occurred because the bus was racing another bus and overturned in a ditch.

Mexia Newspaper

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