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The President's Corner
- Fall / Winter 2015 -

Hello again WINS,

Time has come for our last newsletter of the year and my last Presidents letter of this term. I am grateful that you all allowed me yet another chance to serve this fine knowledgeable group of collectors/numismatists here at WINS. It is a relief to have the elections behind us now and I feel we have a very strong and competent group of officers again ready to address what ever may come up in the following years.

I know there has been some criticism of the email type system we utilize here at WINS, but as stated many times in the past, it is an alternative to the many different type forums out there on the net. I know at times the lists seem rather slow, but the quality of topics and discussions found here at WINS speak well to the extremely knowledgeable group of collectors and dealers we have here in our group. I look forward to working with our new Board of Directors in an attempt to better our member participation and push to attract new members to our numismatic society.

We will be posting the new 2016 auction schedule in the next few days, hope to have a lot of nice items to list and a lot of buyer participation this coming year. I would like also to ask our members to take a little time and maybe work on an article or two to aid our new newsletter editor in his quarterly WINS newsletter publications. You all seem to have some very unique collecting habits that might lend to some pretty interesting reading for our members and those that might happen by our site. If you could afford the time I'm sure Tom will appreciate it immensely.

Looking forward to your posts as always.

Dave Noble,
WINS#204, President


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