Auction Want List


Listed April 2009

  • (long shot) 1941 Panama one Balboa note (Rare)
  • Late 18th Century Netherlands Provincial 10 Stuivers XF or better
  • Late 18th Century German States 20 Kreuzers & Quarter Thalers. XF or better

Listed February 2009

  • Identified Ancients - valued at $50 or less
  • World coins before 1900 that are somewhat inexpensive, could be low grade but identifiable
  • Error coins
  • Hard times tokens
  • Civil war tokens
  • Transportation tokens
  • USA 2 Cent coins
  • World crown sized coins
  • Junk silver
  • 1818 Bust half dollars - O-103 & O-115, "VF+" to "AU"
  • Late/terminal die stage Bust Halves 1807-1826.
  • 1805 US Half Cent
  • Buffalo Nickels "AU"/"Unc"
  • Mercury Dimes "AU"/"Unc"
  • Roosevelt Dimes "AU"/"Unc"
  • Mexican 1/2 Reales from 1734 thru 1821 in "VF" or above
  • Junk and low end stuff - not-so-pretty (holed, bent, scratched, corroded, dateless, worn and gunked-up pieces) coins that include rare and unusual budget items.

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