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From Behind The Green Curtain
- August 2007 -

WINS Email Lists - The last weekend in July saw a problem that took both of the lists down for several days, and it happened for a short time the following weekend as well.  While it still hasn't been revealed exactly what happened, the feeling I got from the tech was that the telephone company was at fault.  I doubt if we'll ever find out, but we've really had very little difficulties with these DOMO lists so I'm not too concerned.  If you are experiencing any list problems, please let me know.

Auction News - Auction 44 ran August 18-25 and was quite successful for a late-summer event.  The re-modified Auction Rule #9 and the 24 hours of "Silent" auction prior to the auction's closing didn't seem to cause any difficulties for the 26 participants.  If you have comments about the auction, for or against, I'd like to hear them so please email them to me privately.  It all helps in the long run.

Format Change - The current changes in the auction format were arrived at after a 6-week long discussion with Board members along with input from several active members.  Automating the auction was also discussed at length, but set aside in favor of continuing with the same basic format we've used since early in 2002.  For those members not around back then it might be helpful to know that the auction was started both as a way to foster camaraderie and as a venue for members to share their extra hobby-related items with other members.  The WINS auction was never intended to be like ebay or any other automated Internet auction.  It has always more closely resembled a mail-in silent auction with periodic bid updates, and while no one expected to make the same kind of money as other auction sites, here at least members felt more assured that their extra collectibles would go into the hands of another collector rather than a reseller.  Not only did the final price seem less important, but fewer rules were needed.  I can accept that times change, but what I don't accept is that members should treat other members any differently than they want to be treated themselves.

How Can You Help? - Some members have expressed concern about the amount of effort needed to run the auction.  If members really want to make performing this task easier, paying closer attention to the following items will make my task vastly simpler:

Sellers - Follow the seller lot submission guidelines and format, and stay within image size guidelines for both your auction submissions and any images you place online to use in the auction.  Remember, everyone doesn't have high-speed Internet access; some users are locked into very slow, old copper-cable, dial-up service.  If your images don't load for them in under a minute, few want to wait around and you could lose a potential bidder/buyer.

Bidders - Use the bidding format to place all bids.

The next auction is scheduled for October 6-13.  Sellers may submit items for Auction 45 at any time.

Thanks for readin'.  "See ya' at the auction".
JD White
WINS#7, Operations Admin


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