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From Behind The Green Curtain
- August 2006 -

WINS Email Lists - It is with a sigh of relief that I can report the DOMO email lists continue to operate and work GREAT!  The only reoccurring problem I can think of is those members that use multiple email addresses confusing which one they enrolled on what list.  Remember, if you send a post to a WINS list using an email address other than the one you enrolled that list, it will bounce to me and you may or may not be notified of the bounce.  Please keep track of what email address you use for enrollment.  If you have any questions concerning the new DOMO lists, let me know.

IT Update - Let's see if this sounds familiar: it's important it is to keep your virus software up to date. We all know it's important for PC users, but our MAC user needs to be aware that they can be targeted too. In June 2006, Apple released security updates for Mac OS X that fix several flaws exploitable by remote or local attackers to execute arbitrary code, carry out denial of service attacks or disclose sensitive information vulnerabilities. Funny, that sounds very similar to the problems experienced by PC users. Welcome to the club Fred.

There also seems to be a number of new bank and ebay "PHISHING" email variations popping up weekly. Regardless of how "genuine" the email looks and even if you don't understand how to view the link data just keep in mind, neither your financial institution nor ebay is likely to ever contact you in this manner. And, they never ask for private data verification in an email.  Be safe out there.

Auction Update - Auction 36 was a real surprise with 23 members offering 93 items, and bidding that included many new members. Auction 37 is scheduled for August 19-26 and members may submit up to 10 items each for this auction to the auction coordinator until 7:00 PM MST 24 hours prior to the start of the auction.  Please use the format illustrated in the Auction Rules.  Members may submit up to 10 hobby-related items each for this auction.

It feels a little strange talking about our Christmas Auction now, but I thought you'd like to know it's going to be a special "all collectibles" auction like we had last summer.  Basically, if you can convince me it's collectible, I'll list it.  I'll post the seller rules for this auction soon.

Thanks for readin'.  "See ya' at the auction".

Thank you kindly,
JD White, WINS#7


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