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The Tarnished Truth
*** Vol III *** June 2004 *** Issue VIII ***

Howdy Folks - Welcome to The Tarnished Truth !

Well May is over and summer is almost upon us. Some say that the coin market slows down in summer as everyone partakes of outdoor activities. But with Long Beach just around the corner and all the major house pre-auctions, there will be one more flurry of activity beforehand. I myself have always enjoyed the summer coin market and its slowdown because it presents the opportunity to obtain additional items for my collection at often reduced prices. Interesting items can be rather hard to find at times though.

WINS is currently seeking volunteers to participate on the Society Token Committee. So c'mon folks - step up and offer to help out ;-} For more information on this please see the message regarding the Token Committee from our Society President in this month's President's Corner.

And here are the answers to the contest, sponsored by our Treasurer, Ken Hughes - NEW CONTEST.

That's about it for now - I hope you enjoy this as well as future issues of - The Tarnished Truth.

Doug Prather, editor

THE PRESIDENT'S CORNER - Words of inspiration from the WINS President. Special Announcement in this issue ! Read it HERE.

FROM BEHIND THE GREEN CURTAIN - Interesting IT tidbits helpful to all members and more. Read it HERE.

HAPPENINGS - Want to know what's going on in the numismatic world ? This is one of the places to find out. Read it HERE.

? ? ? Trivia Question ? ? ?

Where are the mint marks located on the following coins - half cents, large cents and flying eagle cents ?

Answer at the bottom of this page.

TREASURER'S REPORT - The WINS PayPal account is -

Folks, this is a bit longer and more detailed than most reports, but I included the detail to show the flow of funds through the Treasurer changes over the past several weeks. I promise the future ones will be briefer.

Balance in Hardin Co. Bank as of 3/16/04 $278.74
Check received from Hardin Co. Bank 4/26/04 $278.74

New account opened Hartsville Community Bank 4/27/04 $278.74

PayPal balance as of 3/31/04 $442.46
Ck received from J. Garbarini 5/10/04 $442.46
Deposit to HCB checking account 5/11/04 $442.46
Balance as of 5/11/04 - HCB $721.20

Receipts: Donated from auction #21 (item/seller/buyer)
Lot #19 - wooden nickel/Hughes/Southward $1.30
Lot #20 - elongate/Hughes/Southward $1.30
Lot #22 - sixpence/Hughes/Noble $2.30
Lot #23 - sixpence/Hughes/Noble $2.30
Lot #53 - Vegas token/Larson/Southward $20.00 $27.20

New Checks ($10.00)
PayPal verification $ 0.70

Total Bank Balance as of 5/24/04 $739.10

A new PayPal business account was opened on 5/11/04 - the e-mail address of the account is This account has been verified against the checking account, and is set up to accept credit card transfers.

With regard to donations, all donors will be named in future Treasurer's Reports unless you ask me for anonymity.

Ken Hughes, WINS#112

? ? ? Trivia Answer ? ? ?

The answer is: ? ? ?
Gotcha didn't I ! (grin ) These coins were all struck at Philadelphia and thus have no mint marks.


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