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The Tarnished Truth
*** Vol III *** December 2003 *** Issue II ***

      Howdy Folks - Welcome to The Tarnished Truth !

      WINS recently conducted its first election for club officers. I personally want to thank those who stepped up and agreed to volunteer their time to fill these offices. I also want to thank those who took the time to vote. This was a long time in coming but it has happened now and I am sure it will be but the first step in bringing about changes and enhancements that will only make the club better. For those of you who may not be aware of this because you have not visited the site recently or because you are not currently signed up for one the club email lists the following are those who have been elected and the office they hold. Contact information for each of the club officers has also been provided in the form of a link. So if you feel the need to contact any of us directly - please do so.

October 2003 Election Results - The following club members were elected by simple majority of the vote cast, as defined in the Bylaws.

Ralph J. Huntzinger
Vice President:
Ray Larson
David Noble
Joe Garbarini
Operations Admin:
JD White
Newsletter Editor:
Doug Prather
Josh Moran

     Last month I received many letters & positive comments regarding the newsletter. Thank you all for those ;-} Actually I was a bit surprised it went over so well. But let's not forget folks that this is YOUR NEWSLETTER !! Your comments about the information & reports from club officers are strongly encouraged. Feel free to make any comment or state your opinions about anything found here. Especially about any articles I may write in the Happenings section. Often subjects in this section are about events or developments that affect us all in the numismatic community and your opinions matter. Expression of your opinions may even help change some things going on in the numismatic world around us. So speak up folks - don't be shy ;-}

    That's about it for now - I hope you enjoy this as well as future issues of - The Tarnished Truth.

Doug Prather, editor

NEW CONTEST - Ray Larson has spearheaded another design contest for WINS members. Lots of prizes, read about it HERE.

THE PRESIDENT'S CORNER - Words of inspiration from the WINS President. Read it HERE.

FROM BEHIND THE GREEN CURTAIN - Interesting IT tidbits helpful to all members and more. Read it HERE.

HAPPENINGS - Want to know what's going on in the numismatic world ? This is one of the places to find out. Read it HERE.

? ? ? Trivia Question ? ? ? - In 1947 what American car company was buried with letters from customers asking if it was true that they could purchase a new car for 1 cent - and why ?
Answer at the bottom of this page.

EXCEPTIONAL EMAIL - An email taken from the WINS Talk List worth reading. Read it HERE.

READER'S COMMENTS - Read what members have to say on a variety of things. Read it HERE.

TREASURER'S REPORT - The WINS paypal account is - .

Paypal Balance as of 10-23-03 - $397.90
Hardin County Bank Balance - $120.00
Previous Balance - $517.90

Walter Southward gift & Daniel Orth payment Donation - $5.75
Walter Southward, auction proceeds donated - $10.00
Total Receipts - $15.75
Sub-total - New Balance - $533.65

Payments Made
Secretary Petty Cash - $30.00
WINS expenses - $13.50
Total Payments Made - $43.50
New Balance as of 11-22-03 - $490.15

There was also a donation made by Ray Larson of 2 books of stamps ($14.80) to the club Secretary Dave Noble to be used for official club business.

With regard to donations, all donors will be named in future Treasurer's Reports unless you ask me for anonymity.

Joe Garbarini WINS #9

? ? ? Trivia Answer ? ? ? The answer is: in April 1947 Ford Motor Co. was besieged with customer letters from all over the country wanting to know if they could purchase a new car for 1 cent. Of course the kicker was it had to be a 1943 "copper" cent. The first example of this coin was found that year - in a collector's pocket change. Of course Ford denied the rumor as false.


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