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The Tarnished Truth
*** Vol III *** October 2004 *** Issue 12 ***

Howdy Folks - Welcome to The Tarnished Truth !

Well it was almost a year ago now that WINS held its first election for club officers. And this edition of the Newsletter makes number 12 - 1 years worth. Boy - somehow it seems longer. Did I really volunteer for this way back then ? (grin) It's been a lot of work and I spend a lot of time on it - I must say though, I have enjoyed it. And in 12 more months - one of you other guys will find out how much fun it is.   Image

As I said last month, I brought the subject of my new idea for the Newsletter up on the Talk List. It was well received and so far several members have contributed to the effort. The idea was to have a members' Show & Tell section in the Newsletter. This would allow those who do not participate on the Talk List to also share in enjoying pictures and descriptions of the coins & currency we collect. And it will allow future members to share them as well.

So while this new idea is off to a good start, let's keep in mind that it is up to you, the WINS membership to keep it going. Any WINS member can submit pictures of their coins along with descriptions to me at any time. They will be presented in one of the future editions of the Newsletter. Try to keep submissions for this limited to 10 coins or less. As for descriptions, that's up to you. They can brief, or very detailed with a full history for the coin.

Also, let's not forget that submissions for Member Bios and articles on any numismatic subject are always welcome ;-}

That's about it for now - I hope you enjoy this as well as future issues of - The Tarnished Truth.

Doug Prather, editor

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? ? ? Trivia Question ? ? ?

Most of us know that it is generally accepted that the first coins of gold were issued in Lydia around 700 BC - 500 BC. But when and where was gold first accepted as money ?

EXCEPTIONAL EMAIL - An email taken from the WINS Talk List worth reading. Read it HERE.

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Treasury balance as of 8/31/04

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     Noble/Southward/Lot #38


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With regard to donations, all donors will be named in future Treasurer's Reports unless you ask for anonymity.

Ken Hughes, WINS#112

? ? ? Trivia Answer ? ? ?

The answer is: ? ? ?
1091 BC - squares of gold were legalized in China as a form of money.


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