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From Behind The Green Curtain
- DECEMBER 2003 -

IT Update - WINS officials have been provided with a WINS email address to use for club business and they are listed on the website's GENERAL INFORMATION or "About Us" page. These go hand in hand with the club's new mailing address found on the ANNOUNCEMENTS page, both items giving the club a little more professional appearance.

Email difficulties are still being experienced everywhere. Most of the time, List members will continue to receive the List mail, but may not be able to receive direct email for one reason or another. Email server upgrades, ISP blacklisting, spam and viruses are affecting us all to one extent or another. If you send an email and you don't receive an answer within a reasonable amount of time, send another asking if they received the original one. Patience is the key here.

Do you think there might be a possiblity that your system could have a virus? Or maybe you just want to ensure it doesn't. This online site could help. Select active scan in the lefthand column. It will take a while to download the program and run it, just be patient. Panda Software.

Auction Update - I had hoped that the Christmas auction would be the best one of the year, and the members haven't let me down. As of this writing, it's looking real good. The auction begins on December 6, so there is still time to submit an item or two. See you at the auction.

Thanks you kindly,
JD White, WINS#7


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