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From Behind The Green Curtain
- Febuary 2004 -

IT Update - There's another nasty email worm making it's rounds on the Internet and although it doesn't seem to be destructive to the home user, it is causing it's share of problems. Here's its particulars:

Threat Level: SEVER

Common Name: Mydoom.A.worm
Technical Name: W32/Mydoom.A.worm
Alias: I-Worm/Novarg, WORM_MIMAIL.R, W32/Mydoom@MM, & I-Worm/Novarg@MM

Affected platforms: Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95
Here's a few of the email subject titles I have receieved: TEST, test, HI, hi, cameroun, Hello, hello, Server Report & Mail Transaction Failed
This worm sends out thousands of email from the infected system with variations of any email address it finds so beware. Also, it almost always has an attachment! I highly recommend you update your virus software NOW and check it regularly. Just since this worm surfaced on Sunday, the 25th, I have received over 450 email carrying the virus from infected systems. Something tells me that there are still quite a few folks that think it won't ever happen to them. They certainly make it tough on the rest of us, and it tells me one other thing. Far to many folks have my email address on their system.

Web Site Update - As Ralph explained in the President's Corner, there is a new web page on the site covering WINS email List rules that is now board approved. I hope you'll all take a look at it so that you can help make the Lists a better place to meet while requiring little rules enforcement. Read it HERE!. Your comments, as always, are welcome.

WINS Design Contest Update - Well, the primary contest is over and we are now in a run-off for the reverse design. With the allowance to modify slightly the designs, I'm positive the reverse will be one that will complement the winning obverse and one with which we can all be pleased. I'll sure be glad when I can present all of the images and their respective designers, as well as, the winners.

Auction Update - I know, auction 19 didn't hold a candle to the Christmas auction, but it shouldn't. The Christmas auction only happens once a year and it should be the biggest one of the year. But, Auction 19's 10 sellers and 62 Lots made it a very enjoyable auction. My thanks to everyone who participated, either as a seller or a bidder. The Auction 20 is scheduled for March 13, 2004.

Thank you kindly,
JD White, WINS#7


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