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From Behind The Green Curtain
- January 2005 -

WINS Domain and Email Lists - Last month you read about the reasons for the WINS domain and email lists migration to greener pastures. You also read about how Howard Spindel agreed to host the WINS Lists on his server after the Lists went down.  Now,… the rest of the story.

The long term use of Howard's server was contingent upon both parties agreeing that it would be in the best interest of the club so a 2 week trial period was agreed upon. In the interim, Peter Davis, WINS#8 offered to host the WINS domain, at no cost to the club, for the next 30 to 40 years. Along with hosting, Peter gave the club the ability to host its own email lists which would make the List addresses match the club's web site address.

The Board discussed the options and decided to go with Peter's offer. Unfortunately the Lists 2-week evaluation period was over, but the domain transfer hadn't taken place and the new club lists weren't online. Howard had been notified of the Board's decision and was given the option to turn the Lists off, but agreed to leave them on until the new Lists were ready. Getting the domain shifted and the two new List up and running turn into a very long and drawn out effort. Different time zones, terrible email problems, server blacklisting, missed telephone calls and missed email communications caused numerous delays, but with Peter's invaluable assistance, the deed is done. The new Lists are up and running.

Now that the Lists are functional, the Board has authorized the move from the Lists on Howard's server to the new Lists. The Board has agreed with me, to understand the procedure each member needs to enroll themselves. There will be no mass enrollment like in the past. All a member needs to do is access the "EMAIL LIST" web page, read through the rules and then select the list they want to join. When presented the enrollment form, please remember to complete all the fields on the form; email address, name and a password, and then select submit. You will then be sent a verification email that you must respond to in order to complete the enrollment procedure. After that, you will then be sent the List address and can begin posting. I realize this method requires a few more steps, but we can rest assured that anyone on the Lists are there because they really want to be.

Now that the new Lists are functional, I've asked Howard to take WINS Talk and Trade Lists on his server offline. Until this is accomplished I ask all members to only use the new Lists. I would like to thank Howard for his assistance and patience. Now, if we can just get the database running again….. (sigh)

Auction Update - Auction 25, the "Christmas Auction", was the largest auction we have had all year with 25 sellers, 214 Lots and 35 bidders. Also in this auction we allowed "other collectibles" and they seemed to be well received. I would really like to hear from the membership about how they liked this feature. I'd like to have "other collectibles" integrated into the auction maybe four times a year. Whatdayasay? Drop me an email and voice you're opinion. Auction 26 is scheduled for January 22nd. See ya' at the auction.

Thank you kindly,
JD White, WINS#7


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