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Sharing Your Great Coins

Why share pictures of the coins you are proud of with your fellow WINS members? Well I have several answers to that question. First because it is fun and secondly it shows a newer convert to this great hobby what you consider special and it inspires all of us to new and different avenues that the numismatic journey can send us down. There are many coins that we may never own but this does not preclude us having a digital example to look at and enjoy however.

In Washington D.C. at the Smithsonian you will find coins that is unique or nearly so. This you would think would put such a coin out of reach to even the wealthiest person in the world. But you can own a digital likeness to it that can be both a treat to view and a lot less expensive to preserve and protect.

No where in Webster's' definition of numismatist does it mention the collecting or hording of coins, only the study of coinage and minting practices and methods. You will probably never obtain the lofty title of numismatist, I know I will not, but that is all right because there is nothing wrong with just being an old coin collector who has picked up a coin fact or two and a coin or two along the way.

Ray Larson, WINS #20


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