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The President's Corner
- Winter 2018 -

Hello Group,

I hope all had a great Christmas and a very happy new year celebration. The new year brings us a few of the same challenges we faced in the past years. The board plans to work hard on improving our member participation especially when it comes to our talk list. We have some ideas to work with now and plan to look to the group for more input on this subject.

We do seem to have some good conversation on certain subjects but a little short lived, we look to add a few things this year to entice more members to jump in. We have a group that collects mainly ancients, some that are working on pre-decimal English coinage, a large group collecting world coins and of course an array of US coinage collected.

I personally plan to put a little more time and effort into our quarterly auctions, I know a lot of members enjoy them and it is a good chance to pick up a few items for those that have trouble getting out. I will work a little harder at contacting sellers to be sure they have ample time to get their items in and make sure they are better aware of the planed auction dates.

I would like to thank those that have taken the time to send in items to help keep our auctions going, your time and efforts are surely appreciated. I look forward to bigger and better auctions in this upcoming year and hope for much more member participation.

As you know, WINS is an alternative to the forum type coin clubs, the rapid interactions you see on the forums are a little difficult with email exchanges. We are a little more low-keyed group with many knowledgeable members that have a lot to offer when the right subject comes up. I hope in the future to see more new purchase posts as most enjoy see what others have added to their collections, keep in mind we have means of posting your pics for short term on the website should you need the help displaying them.

Well, here's to a good new year and many pleasant posts.

Dave Noble, WINS#204


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