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2018 - 2019 Board Elections

2018 brought us a new group of board members, new in date of term only, unfortunately we had little turn out again this year. I'm not really sure if our method of electing new board members is a little too complicated with the use of another website for declaration and platform information. We basically seated the same board members as the previous term with the exception of the Systems Operation Administrator which will remain open until we find a qualified member willing to take the job. I would like to take the time to thank JD White for his many years as Sys-Ops, without his efforts there would be no WINS for us to enjoy.

I know the emails explaining how we conduct the elections were posted to both lists, but I'm not sure everyone understands the process. This is something I feel we need to look at this year and gain a little input from the group. I know from discussions in the past with numerous members some feel they lack the technical skills to participate as a board member. I would urge all to visit our “Bylaws page” where explanations of each individual board positions are somewhat defined.

I'm sure some think they are too busy to properly participate as a board member, and there are those who just have no interest in being an officer of the society. Some are satisfied with the way things are going and feel there is no need for them to run for any of the seven board positions. I would hope in the future some will change their minds, it is good to get some fresh blood into the mix sometimes, for now we will work on stimulating a little more participation in all aspects of the society. I personally will work on getting the word out a little sooner next election and possibly, if warranted, make efforts to streamline the process we currently have in place.

We will be asking for input in the future so give it some thought.

Dave Noble, WINS#204


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