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The Tarnished Truth
*** Vol II *** WinsNews *** Issue I ***

Welcome to the first issue of the reborn WINS newsletter that I am calling The Tarnished Truth. In it I will attempt to inform, entertain, and enlighten you as to the goings on here at Wins, and in the hobby in general. Whether you are new to the hobby or are a veteran there is always something new that you can learn. One of the features I wish to incorporate into each newsletter is a biography of a member of our club because knowledge of another person breeds familiarity and that is how friendship starts. Since this is the first of the series I will start with myself as a way of introduction.
Born Ray Dean Larson in the rolling hills of north central Iowa just scant months after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I got the collector bug long before I knew anything about money. I collected with the help of family from all over our state the round cardboard inserts from the covers on glass milk bottles. This collection is long since gone but I remember having acquired the milk caps from a hundred and twenty two different dairies just from my state. About the time Bill Haley and the Comets were becoming famous with their rendition of "Rock around the Clock" I received a metal detector as a present. Some of my first finds other than bottle caps were some half dimes and three cent silvers. In my search to find information about what I had found I came across a copy of Wayte Raymonds "Standard Catalog of United States Coins" and I have been hooked on the hobby ever since.

In the course of following this newsletter if you catch me in some inconsistency just remember that ones memory like ones unprotected coins can become tarnished after a few years, so all I can offer is The Tarnished Truth.
Ray D Larson

The Feature Coin

The Two Cent Piece
This issue's featured coin is the first to sport the motto In God We Trust. It was minted from 1864 though 1873. It was a James B. Longacre design, and all coins were minted at the Philidelphia mint. The Coins weight is 6.22 grams and is made of 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc. It has a 23 milimeter diameter and has a plain edge. There were approximately forty six million pieces struck in the coins ten years minting. Compare that with the over seven billion one cent pieces minted a hundred years later in 1964 alone then you see why you do not see an abundance of this coin, especially in collectable grades. The coinage act of April 2 1792 provided that half cents and cents were token coinage, and they were not given legal status until April 22 1864, so the two cent pieces have always been legal tender, although only up to twenty cents.

? ? ? Trivia Question ? ? ?

What is the silver content of the lowest mintage non proof issue Jefferson Nickel minted in 1942?
Answer at the bottom of this page.

o o o MINT WATCH o o o

The U. S. Mint

  • American Buffalo Commemorative Coins 06/11/01
  • 2001 American Eagle Platinum Proof Coins 06/12/01
  • 2001 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set® 06/18/01
  • Formation of the Union Set 06/18/01
  • Rhode Island Official First Day Coin Cover 06/25/01
  • New York 50 State Quarters™ Products June 2001
  • North Carolina 50 State Quarters™ Products June 2001
  • Vermont 50 State Quarters™ Bags Aug./Sep. 2001
  • Vermont 50 State Quarters™ Two-Roll Sets Aug./Sep. 2001
  • 2001 U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set™ Aug./Sept. 2001
  • Vermont Official First Day Coin Cover Sep./Oct. 2001
  • 2001 Holiday Catalog Sep./Oct. 2001
  • Kentucky 50 State Quarters™ Bags Oct./Nov. 2001
  • Kentucky 50 State Quarters™ Two-Roll Sets Oct./Nov. 2001
  • Kentucky Official First Day Coin Cover Nov./Dec. 2001

    The British Royal Mint

  • 2001 Victoria Gold Proof Crown
  • As one of this year's premier coins the charming Victorian Anniversary Crown, struck in gleaming 22 carat
  • gold, deserves a special presentation.

    The AUSTRIAN Mint

  • A harmonious design of musical instruments representing the world famous
  • Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on the reverse side of the coin.

    The SINGAPORE Mint

  • Has a variety of World cup painted coins that range from silver to gold

    The Royal Canadian Mint

  • Requires a flash player that I do not as of yet have installed, so you will have to check that one out for yourselves for now.

    Hobby History

    Section 10 of the 1792 coinage act reads as follows"
  • "And be it further enacted, That upon the said coins respectively, there shall be the following devices and legends, namely: Upon one side of each of the said coins there shall be an impression emblematic of Liberty and the year of the coinage; and upon the reverse of each of the gold and silver coins, there shall be a figure or representation of an eagle with this inscription; United States of America, and upon the reverse of each of the copper coins there shall be an inscription which shall express the denomination of the piece, namely, cent or half cent as the case may require."

    ? ? ? Trivia Answer ? ? ?

  • The answer is zero because the lowest mintage of that year is the type I 1942 Denver mint coin, which of course had no silver in it.


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