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Numismatic Trails
by Dewey Maggard, WINS#183

Where are we going on the Numismatic trail? What strange places we may find ourselves in. Places where others have dared not tread. This trail may lead us into truths the anti-diffusionists do not want to acknowledge. For example, there are five adjoining states where ancient coinages have been found that prove presence of ancient people who came here. They came to stay, to colonize. The mounds in Mississippi have yielded artifacts made of brass. It takes tin to make brass- Tin is not mined on this hemisphere. It had to be brought here in it's finished form.

In Dr.Barry Fell's America B.C., he and his colleagues give preponderance evidence as to the presence of these people in all parts of this country. Not only in North America but South America as well has yielded evidence of their presence. Coins played as pivotal roll in these discoveries but other artifacts lend to truth of European-Middle East,(Jewish), African, and Egyptian presence.

First, I would like to refer to the cache of coins found at Bat Creek, Tenn. during WW11 that were of Jewish issue, dating to the Macabee era and the Bar Khoba revolt. These coins were eventually housed in the Smithsonian Institute.(See Barry's America B .C. for further information on this find). In Iowa an unusual artifact came to light in the form of a small Elephant. Who told these people what elephants looked like- except they had seen one.

In South America, some of the deep sacrificial wells have yielded ceramic elephant pendants. Terra-cotta with the Star of David. A small clay doll had earrings with the star of David embedded in the ears. In a Central America salt mine, a four foot encrusted Star of David came to light a few years ago. Archeologist Scientist dated this piece to 400 BC era plus or minus 20 years. My own research on the earliest Star of David emblems indicate they were beginning to be manufactured in Gaza as early as 600 BC 400 years after King David.

Let us get to the real source of when much of this began to take place. We have learned in all our history classes of the Phoenicians being world traders. Indeed they were as they possessed the navigation secrets enabling them to traverse the oceans in search of trade goods. The ancient city of Tyre at this time was the trade center of the world. Fairs were being held there on a continual pace. We may learn this from the biblical record. People even from Russia, the Baltic area and even Chinese merchants were coming to these fairs. The Phoenicians were the chief traders in the world. However, they had no place to grow food- since they were sea people. Their King Hiram, made a deal with King Solomon. Grain is one of the commodities he needed. His navy had already been doing service for King Solomon circumnavigating the globe every three years bringing goods of the world to Solomon.

As it later developed, Solomon wanted a navy of his own- so he made a deal with King Hiram of Tyre to furnish men to build him a Navy at Ezion Geber (Still on our maps) Hiram in turn extracted a contract from Solomon for the needed grain in return for building this navy and supplying the men who had knowledge of the seas. These we are told were Phoenician Captains and sailors who had knowledge of the (Sea's) (plural). It is easy to see why these Phoenician's had wealth and why Tyre was the Queen City of the world- This was true for yet another 450 years until Alexander the Great came and subdued them. This was no small navy: It took 8000 camels traversing daily between Tyre and Ezion Geber- bringing the cedar for the ships. This cedar was coming from the Cedars of Lebanon.

This background is given to support what follows: Solomon gained considerable wealth with his ships bringing the worlds goods to Elath at Ezion Geber to the extent he was the wealthiest king on earth and all Kings of the earth paid homage to him- (This comes from the Biblical record) And we find evidence to support these statements. Solomon made silver as plentiful as stone in Jerusalem and elsewhere in His Kingdom-(biblical record) So how could he have done this? There was no silver mines available to him in his own areas. The Phoenicians were bringing this stuff in by the ship loads. It was being used by other Kings for coinage beginning in great quantities by the time of Xerxes who had to pay 1,700.000 men in his army- and he did it with coin. The mining records show trace of silver with gold (Electrum) but silver was not in great abundance in the ancient world. It was brought in by the Phoenicians-Where were they getting it? There is much evidence to support their source was in a place called Potosi in South America also from mines in Mexico.

Due to political turmoil in Israel sometime later during King Ahab's reign, the Phoenicians had somehow come under paying tribute to the Pharaoh of Egypt. This was two hundred years after Solomon's time. The story gets interesting here as these Phoenicians decided- we do not have to pay tribute to Egypt- after-all we are traders: So as it happens, a niece of King Ahab by name of Elissa who was married to the Phoenician King decided to pull out and start a sub-group of their own. They settled on the shores of North Africa and the Carthaginian empire was born.

At this time is when we find the Ancient Libyans with mixture of Egyptians entering the scene with the Phoenicians (or Carthaginians) At this time my source of the original of the Carthage name escapes me. However, we are concerned with these Libyans as they become a dominant part of the colonization of this hemisphere. It would seem, they were unhappy with their state of affairs in connection with Egypt as the dominant power- therefore only natural they began their exodus with working for the Phoenicians and actually becoming a part of them. We know through the Zuni Indians of New Mexico their languages are identical with modern day Libyians. This truth was first discovered by Dr. Barry Fell. He was scoffed at from the beginning until a group of Linguistic scholars from Tunisia in a short time were able to confirm Dr. Barry's discovery. If you visit Albuquerque, you may learn this truth from the Indian Cultural Center.

There is a 20 ton boulder 35 miles west of Los Lunas, NM on an 8000 horse ranch that has Phoenician writing on it. My son and I spent a whole day looking for the exact location. No one in Los Lunas knew or would tell us until we went to the City Library. We chanced to meet a lady who had an aunt that had been to the rock. Through her and a telephone call, we were able to get the exact location. The BLM has it fenced off and does not want people visiting this rock. We managed to get to it and examine the characters which do appear to be what Dr. Barry says they are- Phoenician. All though he and two other scholars are the only ones who have deciphered the writing. Dr. Barry says the inscription is a portion of the ten commandments. Some Phoenician hunter while in wait day after day for antelope had done the carving. It would have been a perfect place to wait for game, well hidden etc;. Right here in my neighboring state of Nevada at Lake Lahanton there is Phoenician carvings that were previously thought to be Indian Graffiti. They are actually instructions on how to tack your sail boat across this gigantic lake (of that time).

In New England, especially New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts there is much evidence of the presence of Celtic, Libyan, Phoenician and Egyptian people. The Alogonquin Indians have left us evidence of the Egyptian presence. They were able to read Egyptian Hieroglyphics two hundred years before Champollion deciphered the Rosetta Stone. Who taught it to them. Some of this writing on birch bark is in One of the Museum in New York. Why doesn't this make headlines?

The Numismatic Trail has many forks in the road. Wherever you go, you are in the company of folks who enjoy the Hobby of Kings.


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