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A Country, A Coin
By Rod Sell, WINS#59

Australian 2001 $20 Bi-metallic

I would like to enter the Australian 2001 $20 Bi-metallic. This coin has a gold star centre and silver ring. It was issued to celebrate the Centenary of Federation of Australia on the 1st January 2001.

The original holey dollar was produced in 1813 by Governor Macquarie when he had 60,000 Spanish silver dollars altered with a piece struck out of the centre. The central piece was called the dump with a value of 15 pence and the larger piece was called the holey dollar with a value of 5 shillings. The total value was more than the original value of the silver coin and thus these coins did not leave the colony on the next parting ship as they were worth more only in the colony.

I am not sure if the gold star comes out. There is an all silver variety where the star does come out. The 7 pointed star is the main star on the Australian Flag. It is called the Federation star and each point represents the 6 States and Northern Territory, capital city Darwin (which should get Statehood in the near future).

The reverse ring shows the floral emblem of each State. The gold centre shows the Australian Coat of Arms surrounded by our national flower the golden wattle.


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