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1941 Hong Kong Cent
By Rod Sell, WINS#59
Key Coin For The Series

It is a 1 year type and it is estimated that less than 50 survive. I believe that figure should be less than 30.

The coin is bronze of 22mm diameter with plain edge and weighs 4.05 grams. Royal Mint records show 5 million were minted and shipped to Hong Kong in late 1941. One shipment of 875,000 coins was unloaded in South Africa and returned to the Royal Mint where they were melted down.

Nothing is known about the other four shipments of 4,125,000 coins and it is supected that they fell into Japanese hands and were also melted down for war material. There is a story that one shipment was diverted to Australia and was melted down here, however the fate of the missing coins remain a mystery.

These coins appear very infrequently and are keenly sought by collectors of HK. Over the past 18 months Noble Numismatics have had three for sale in their past four auctions, the second being my spare. The first coin sold was the poorest example I have seen and was only VF. It however sold for the highest price of A$12,000 about US$6,000.

Since this is a one year type coin. If my assumption that only 30 survived is correct, it means only 30 collectors at any one time can have a type set of Hong Kong British Period coins.


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