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WINS Flyer

Thanks to the work of our Flyer Committee, we now have a promotional brochure members may use for advertising the Club and inviting participation. It is a single-page trifold with color illustrations suitable for printing on white or colored paper. Although it is designed to be a handout, the back center panel is blank, so it can also be used as a mailer. You can download a copy here; in Adobe Acrobat PDF-format and print as many copies as you need.

Suggestions for Use

  • Provide a supply to local coin shops and dealers in your area.
  • Obtain permission to distribute them at coin shows you visit.
  • Include a copy to the seller or buyer when you purchase or sell a coin in an auction.
  • Any other way you can think of that will promote the principles of WINS.

Three Ways to Obtain the Brochure

  • Print it yourself
    1. Click on the link above and save the file to your local hard drive.
    2. Open the file and print it on your printer on your choice of white or colored paper. (Suggestion: Use color sparingly. Bright colors are OK, but stay away from gaudy, fluorescent stuff. Also remember that if printing in black, the illustrations will be shades of grey, and may be difficult to see on dark paper.)
    3. The brochure is designed to be two-sided. Print as many copies of one side as you need, turn the paper over and reload your printer. Then, print the second side. Be sure to orient the sides correctly! Please, DO NOT print it as a two-page document.

  • Order printed copies from WINS
    WINS will provide a reasonable number (up to 100) of BLACK PRINT (no color illustrations) copies to members for the cost of material and postage. Simply send a request to the Treasurer, stating the number needed and paper color choice (if other than white). Be sure to allow enough time for delivery using USPS Media Mail (at least 2 weeks). Faster delivery is possible at increased cost. You may pay the postage using the WINS PayPal account.

  • Professional Local Printing
    For larger quantities, we suggest having the printing done professionally by a local print shop. (Kinko's, Jiffy Print, etc.) E-mail the Treasurer for a "camera-ready" original. This can be mailed to the member, or sent directly to the print facility by e-mail. The cost for the original will be postage. The member is responsible for the printing costs. Again, allow enough time for mailing.


Submitted 1 December 2004 by the following member committee,
Ken Hughes #112, Chairman.

Susan Thornton #482     George Depner #403     Doug Prather #294     JD White #7


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