I want to first thank all who had an interest in the contest, especially the three judges who I believe did an excellent job. The winners were determined by the following method; I supplied the judges a URL to all the pictures, each judge then sent me their two favorites. I then removed all the pictures they had not selected and again sent them the URL only this time with just the finals pictures. Each judge then sent me their choice for first, second, and third with three, two, and one points being award for each of these positions. Our Judges were Howard Spindel, Fred Blake, and Ken Hughes. Many thanks guys.

First Place winner is Jason Craton with his Large Eye picture.

Second Place winner is JD White with his magnificent Spitits United.

Third Place winner is also JD White with a very nice Hidden In Plain Sight.

We also had a very close runner-up that should get an Honorable Mention, "Battle Lines" also by our resident artist JD White and it just missed third place by one point.

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Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who participated.

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